Kari Wahlgren





Hoisington, Kansas, USA

Birth Name




Kari Wahlgren is an American voice actress who has provided voices for several popular anime titles and video games. In addition to her own name, Kari Wahlgren, she has also done voice work under the aliases of Jennifer Jean, Jan Irving, Leah Allen, Kay Jensen, and Renee Emerson. Kari, (pronounced as "sorry"), is a Midwestern girl, having been born and raised in Kansas. She started doing theatre work in Kansas City, and while attending college she began voice acting by doing some radio spots for various companies in the area. An advertisement for an anime project in California was brought to her attention and Kari came in for an audition after sending them her demo, and received the part. The anime project turned out to be for the popular series, Fooly Cooly and the part was Haruko. This marked Kari's first break into the anime world. Once Kari understood she could make a career with voice acting she decided to make Los Angeles, California her permanent place of residence. Kari has a very down-to-earth and energetic personality, and generally voices characters who are mature teenage girls. She is best known for being the voices of Haruko, Fuu, Anemone, Raine, Robin, and Nova.