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    • Kari provides the voice for Fuyao in the BioWare RPG Jade Empire. The player character can earn Open Palm or Closed Fist morality points by interacting with Fuyao. A diabolical player character can start Fuyao down the Closed Fist path by encouraging Fuyao to kill.

    • Kari's official website is www.kariwahlgren.net. There you will find up to date news, photos, her resume, her charity, her contact information, and a few downloads of some audio of her voice overs and jingles, a clip of her feature film, Neverland and her Lexus commercial.

    • Kari has begun recording voices for several upcoming game releases including, Rogue Galaxy for the character Lilika; Time Shift where she portrays Dr. Jasmine Lin; and Open Season, to be released with the upcoming animated film of the same title, with Kari voicing the roles of Beth and Giselle.

    • Kari is the voice of the villain, Magness in the Jetix/Toon Disney animated series, A.T.O.M. - Alpha Teens On Machines.

    • Kari voices the lead character Saya in the anime vampire series Blood+ which airs on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim.

    • Kari's first video game voice role was for Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds, where she played the voice of Willow.

    • Kari's first anime project was voicing Haruko for the series, Fooly Cooly. At the time, she had no idea of her popularity, nor was she even aware of the existence of a fan base. Her classic quote from the online interview concerning the anime was, "We've got fans!?!"

    • Kari: (describing the reality of voice over work) It's very unglamorous and a lot of times with video games or anime you're the only person in a very small booth — a small dark booth. In the room next to you sometimes there's only a director and an engineer. You could spend two, three, four days really not talking to anyone which is kind of ironic. You're just in a small dark room recording lines with only an engineer and a director behind thick glass to talk to. It's a very bizarre world. It's very strange.

    • Kari also does loop groups once in a while, which is another form of voice over work involving laying down tracks as part of a group, such as when there is a crowd scene in a television show or feature film where voices are speaking indistinctly in the background.

    • Kari, well known as the voice of Fuu for the hit anime Samurai Champloo, also provided her voice for the PlayStation2 game, Samurai Champloo: Sidetracked, a hack-and-slash fighter based on the series.

    • Kari is a singer in the RPG games, Drakengard and Drakengard 2 for the PlayStation2. She also is the voice of Furiae in Drakengard.

    • Kari is most known for providing the voices of female characters who are mature young women and teenage girls.

    • Kari: The thing with voice overs — it can be a very tricky niche to get into because rather than hiring ten different people to do ten different voices they'll hire one person to do ten different voices. The pool in some ways is a lot smaller. But, like anything else, if you do start auditioning and landing some jobs with different clients, once they start getting to know you they use you over and over again for different projects. So it can be a really lucrative and fulfilling line of work.

    • Kari provides the voice for Zatanna in the Justice League Heroes game.

    • Kari will be the voice of Saturn Girl in the upcoming Legion of Super Heroes animated series produced by Warner Bros. Animation to debut in the fall of 2006.

    • Her first name, Kari, is pronounced like the word sorry.

    • Kari is a supporter of Children's International, a charity based out of Kansas City that sponsors children in impoverished countries.

      Kari: Some of these families are trying to survive on $10 a month -- It blows my mind! Literally, for the cost of a large pizza, you can help sponsor one of these kids for a whole month. My philosophy is that if everyone does a little something, big things can get done.

    • After successfully doing radio spots and voiceovers in Kansas City, Kari moved to Los Angeles to further pursue her voice acting career.

    • Kari worked with and trained under the legendary Susan Blu, one of the top dialogue directors and four time Emmy nominee who has directed more than a thousand episodes of various recognizable and successful cartoons.

    • Disney animation influenced Kari when she was little and she had an obsession with Disney Princesses as a child. If she could be the voice of any Disney Princess character, she said she would like to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast.

    • Kari voiced Baby Hippo in the 2006 CGI-animated movie, The Wild, and also provided additional uncredited background voices.

    • Kari will be the voice of Sparkles in the Nickelodeon animated pilot, Sparkles and Gloom.

    • Kari will have a guest role as the voice of Hariel in an upcoming episode of The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy on Cartoon Network.

    • In addition to voice acting, Kari does some singing as well.

    • Kari: There have been a couple video games I've gotten to sing in. Actually one video game — the Lemony Snicket video game — there was a song. I played one of the white-faced women and the note was that I was supposed to sing the song as badly as possible, which was so much fun. So I kinda sang it through a couple times in my character's voice and they're like, "That is excellent, I mean that was just so terrible that it's perfect!"

    • Kari is a 1999 graduate of the University of Kansas, where she was a theatre major. The Kari Wahlgren Theatre Scholarship is set up there in her honor.

    • Kari is Tatiana opposite the voice of Sean Connery in the James Bond video game of From Russia With Love.

    • Kari had an actual acting role as Tinkerbell in the 2003 independent feature film, Neverland, a dark, modern retelling of the childhood classic Peter Pan. The movie portrays Peter as a juvenile delinquent and Tinkerbell as an alcoholic drug addict.

    • Kari appeared in a Lexus car commercial. You can view the video of the spot at her official website.

    • Other names she's been credited under for voice work are Renee Emerson, Jan Irving, Jennifer Jean, and Kay Jensen.

    • Kari is featured in two games in the Final Fantasy series - the voice of Princess Ashe Dalmasca in Final Fantasy XII, and the voice of Shelke in Final Fantasy 7: Dirge of Cerberus. Ashe is one of the main party characters in the RPG.

    • Kari is the voice of Raine Sage in the hit RPG game Tales of Symphonia, available on PlayStation2 and GameCube.

  • Quotes

    • Kari's first paid voiceover job was on her 11th birthday. She was touring the studio of a popular radio drama and it just so happened that the producers were looking for someone her age to do a voice for a couple of episodes.

      Kari: They literally pulled me into the studio, auditioned me, and we recorded the part right then and there! It was one of those surreal experiences that really sticks with you!

    • Kari: (about being a part of the Justice League Heroes game) I'm a huge Wonder Woman fan -- I have about 12 coffee mugs at home! So it was a thrill to play Zatanna in that game, especially since it looks like it's going to be amazing!