Karis Paige Bryant

Karis Paige Bryant


6/16/1985, Texas

Birth Name

Karis Paige Bryant



Also Known As

Karis P. Bryant, Karis P. Bryant, Karis Bryant
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Karis Paige Bryant was born on June 16, 1985, in Texas. She's apparently taking a break from acting, having been working since the age of 5. Her first role was in the TV movie 'A Killing in a Small Town' in 1990. She worked steadily through to her…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • A good actress.

    karis paige bryant starred on season 2 of charmed. she was only in 5 or 6 episodes and yet she was still one of the stars in show. the reason behind this was because she was suddenly cut of the show because fans didnt like her charachter. this is the only show i have seen her in and i dont think she has acted since charmed. she was an okay charchter and she was quite funny in a couple episodes. her charachters name is jenny. she was the sisters ( the charmed ones) next door neighbour. over: karis p bryant is a good actress.moreless
  • One of the BEST young actresses of the 90's!!! Not only was she on the big screen but she was also a fantastic print model. I know she has other plans for her adult life but I wish she could return to acting.moreless

    Karis was one of the most talented young stars I\'ve seen on TV. She started performing at a very young age. If you have only seeen her in \"Charmed\" then you\'ve missed her best acting. She has not only appeared in numerous commercials and TV movies but has also appeared on the \"Big Screen\". You really need to look into this stars resume. As a young child I can only compare her talent and \"It\" quality to that of Dakota Fanning. She always had that sparkle and special smile on her face everytime you saw her. Now that she is a young woman her life has directed her onto another path for her to enjoy. The acting field will truely miss this performer as she was one of the true child stars of her time. I wish her well in her new adventure into adulthood.moreless