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Karl Beattie started his career in television on the set of BBC's live children's show 'Parallel 9' as a camera assistant. He was quickly snapped up by an outside broadcast company, Visions, and trained there as a cameraman. Karl has worked on some of the top television shows…more


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  • I think Karl and Kathy should get their faces off the cameras. That is all they do..try to get all the attention. If the room is too dark, get low light and point the camera's in the room, not on their faces! Karl should stop trying to get attentmoreless

    First, what a wonderful program to watch! From the time it starts until the time it is over, the audience is always glued to the television. It is obvious that the crew is actually contacting spirits from the other side. Those spirits appreciate someone wanting to contact them to hear their stories. But I think now is the time to progress even further. Instead of always hearing the words: "What was that", now there should be someway to learn more about them. Having a controlled questioning form would really delve into the 'unknown'. We've seen enough of Carl and Kathy's faces in the cameras. How about having a camera already set up in the rooms. You hear the team talk about not being able to see 'anything', how about having a low-light in place? If the team can't see 'anything', how are they going to see an apparition? How are we going to see an apparition? Trying different techniques would keep the program interesting. Delving into the unknown should be moving forward, not staying in the past!!!!!moreless