Karl Malone





7/24/1963 , Summerland, Louisiana

Birth Name

Karl Malone




Karl Malone is known as "The Mailman" in the NBA. He was drafted by the Utah Jazz as the 13th overall pick in the 1985 pick. Obviously, the scouts misjudged the good player of Louisiana Tech. Malone went on play for Utah for 15 years and became the team's leader. He was MVP twice in 96-97 and 98-99. He also made 14 All-Star appearances. Although he played hard in Utah for 15 years, he never won a NBA championship. He came close during the late 90's, but fall short against Michael Jordan and the Bulls. So after 15 great years in Utah, Malone packed his bags, took a big pay cut to go to LA and play for the Lakers, hoping for a better shot at a Championship Ring.