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    • Karl: (on his new show Almost Human) At the end of the day, the show is about fun…We want to deliver an action-packed, fun, intriguing episode every week, where we're dealing with cases that you're not necessarily [going to] find on any other contemporary show...[W]e're going to give the audience a really wonderful mixture, this combination of fun and action-packed cop show that's a little bit different.

    • Karl: My philosophy is whatever you do, you've got to invest in yourself. If you don't, there are a lot of people out there who will get the job because they're more prepared than you.

    • Karl Urban: (On filming "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy in New Zealand) I got to see more of my country shooting this trilogy than I had living there my entire life. We went to places I had no idea existed. I thought I knew my country, but now I know I didn't. I'm hoping one day I can go back to those places.

    • (Karl on if he would return to Xena: Warrior Princess after the death of his character, Julius Caesar in the episode "The Ides of March". He said he would love to return to the series, but the only thing he could say for sure is that it would not be as his character Julius Caesar, it would have to be as another character. In a twist of humor, Karl did return to play on Xena after that, and in the episode "When Fates Collide" he came back as Caesar.)
      Karl: Caesar will not be back! You never know what could happen on Xena, but I really doubt they'd bring him back. I'm sure that "Ides of March" was the end of Caesar. 52 stab wounds in the back seems pretty final to me.

    • Karl Urban: (On his fondest memory of working with Peter Jackson while shooting the Lord of the Rings trilogy) Peter's really open to the humor in the day-to-day. One time we were referencing a line in the book 'We counted all the slain and despoiled them, then we piled the carcasses and burned them.' Of course we went on all sorts of disgusting tangents about what else these Rohan soldiers did to the poor orcs.