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  • It's All in Your Head

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    S 8 : Ep 15 - 2/28/02

    Mark learns that his tumor is back and inoperable, giving him 4-5 months to live. Corday is living in a hotel, and confesses to Benton that she thinks she's left Mark. Susan cares for Mark after his first radiation treatment. Abby learns that the case against Brian has been dropped because somebody beat him up. Seeing Brian enter her building, she seeks comfort at Luka's, where he's engaged in a game of Pictionary with his friends. Jerry and Frank clash, leading to a fistfight. Chen has a stalker.moreless
  • The Birth (1)

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    S 5 : Ep 6 - 11/10/88

    Sondra and Elvin come by the house for a visit. Elvin is certain that Sondra is about to go into labor, while she insists that he is overreacting. She tells Clair that Elvin has rushed her to the hospital three times, only to be told that it was a false alarm each time. However, she has another contraction in the kitchen, and Cliff declares that it is time for her to go to the hospital. Elvin begins to panic and initially drives off without her. Sondra and Elvin ask Cliff and Clair to stay home, but they begin to go crazy as they await news. They decide to go to the hospital, and Sondra and Elvin are grateful. Elvin begins to hyperventilate, while Cliff forgets that Sondra is not his patient and instinctively takes over. Clair asks the men to go into the waiting area. Cliff tries to calm Elvin until it is time for him to rejoin Sondra for the delivery. Meanwhile, Theo and Justine study at the house with Howard, a brilliant student from their philosophy class. Howard's girlfriend, Julia, joins the group. Justine notes that Theo seems attracted to her. Kenny hangs out with the foursome while waiting for Rudy. Julia and Justine decry the lack of women in the field of philosophy. They discuss society's attitudes toward women, and are disgusted to find that Kenny already has very sexist views.moreless
  • The Birth (2)

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    S 5 : Ep 7 - 11/10/88

    Cliff and Clair await the birth with Anna and Russell and Elvin's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tibideaux lament the fact that Elvin cannot afford everything he needs for the baby because of his decision to not attend medical school. Everyone is shocked to learn that Sondra has given birth to twins--a boy and a girl. She and Elvin wanted it to be a surprise. They name the kids Nelson and Winnie. Elvin announces that he was so amazed by the births that he has decided to go to medical school. Sondra thanks Cliff for being such a good father to her, and hopes to follow his example by raising her kids well. Clair has a hard time adjusting to the fact that she is a grandmother. She and Mrs. Tibideaux suggest that they should instead be called "mother: the sequel." Justine becomes annoyed when Theo tries to impress Julia by offering to cook dinner for his parents. As he and Howard prepare the meal, Howard gets Theo to admit his attraction to Julia. Howard doesn't seem upset, but Theo is concerned to learn that intelligence is the quality that Julia finds most attractive. Howard baffles Theo by revealing that Julia wants to commit to him, but he isn't ready.moreless