Kassie DePaiva

Kassie DePaiva


3/21/1961, Morganfield, Kentucky, USA

Birth Name

Katherine Virginia Wesley



Also Known As

Kassie Wesley DePaiva, Kassie Wesley
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Kassie Wesley DePaiva was born and raised in Kentucky with two older brothers and a younger sister. Kassie worked at Opryland in Nashville, TN, and made her debut at 18 at the Grand Ole Opry, singing two songs. After realizing that she wanted to entertain, Kassie enrolled in…more


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    Loved her on "One Life to Live". She gets on my nerves.
  • One of the most underrated and charming daytime television stars working today. You can say lot about Kassie Depaiva but not hard working isn't one of them. She also happens to be one of the nicest and most fan friendly actress around too. Her charity wormoreless

    I first saw Kassie Wesley playing a young singer on Guiding light back in the late 80's and she was very young very raw and beautiful. She looked very much like Brooke Sheilds around that time too. On Guiding Light her character was a songbird she showed she wasn't just a pretty face she also had a beautiful singing voice too. She has since released two albums each better then the last.

    But when she made the move to One life to live in the role of the dynamite Blair Cramer is when she really took off as an actress and became in my opinion a top flight daytime leading lady. Unlike some of her flashier and well know counterparts Kassie Depaiva didn't become stagnant nor did she just sat back and milked her growing popularity. She went in the opposite direction she steadily began to grow as an actress and her range is impressive. She can cry with the best of them but she can also do comedy with the best of them. All her hard work was finally recognized in 2005 when she garnered her first daytime Emmy award nomination.

    But everyone who has seen Kassie Depaiva's work will probably tell you her finest hour was Live Week. Kassie was the star of the show. Currently I am enjoying her work with another personal favorite of mine Paul Satterfield.moreless