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  • Love Kat as Max

    The episode And the Kilt Trip when Max convinced Caroline to use the pee funnel is when I knew that I wanted Kat Dennings (and Max) to be my best friend! Standthesmartway .com sells the funnels like on the show! AWESOME!
  • Love, love, love Kat!!

    What a fantastic actress she is! Not only is she an excellent actress but she is beautiful, hilarious and "real". I liked her the first time I saw her and knew she'd go far. 2 Broke Girls is one of my favorite shows, she rocks as Max!! Such talent she has, her delivery is perfect and so fierce! Looking forward to more of her work along with her current show!
  • Raising Dad's star has yet to have her big break.

    She is a really great actress who is underused. Raising Dad was a great show even though it was only on one season. In addition she has guest starred and had a lot of small roles on other TV shows. She ends up playing a rebellious teenage daughter a lot and she does it well, but it will be nice to see her playing more adult roles. She is now slated to be in three new movies which will hopefully lead to more roles for her. Also, she is completely gorgeous and has a really unique look that hope will lead to more roles and fame in the future.
  • empty

    Kat Dennings is an amazing actress and role model. She was in movies like Raise Your Voice, Charlie Bartlett, and The House Bunny. She is a unique actress and always captures the role better than the lead. She is a different from others because of her gorgeous looks. She usually sports her signature pale skin and red lipstick. She makes girls want to be who they are instead of their spray tan and anorexic thin looks. She is a great person and you should be excited to see her movies!