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    • Kat: (on marrying a fellow actor) I had a policy of not dating other actors. Now look at what I've gone and done.

    • Kat: I'm quite an even-tempered person, it's hard to get me into an argument even, so acting gives me the opportunity to have that catharsis. I play unhinged, deranged, victimised, angry people a lot, and I think it flushes out my system for my life.

    • Kat: (on playing Roberta Williams in "Underbelly" and her frequent swearing) Some of those lines, they're gold. The writers obviously loved writing her and I loved doing her. The language really jumped out at me.

    • Kat: (on her role in "Supernova") Sandy [Johnson, director] encouraged me to relax as a character and not be so firm. He is hilarious to work with. As soon as I heard he was one of the Knights who say Ni (from Monty Python's Holy Grail), I didn't need to know anything else!

    • Kat: I remember when I first got out of drama school and I saw the kind of roles that I was being sent for I was kind of shocked, 'cause I see myself as really nice and mild-mannered and I was going for these vixens and drug-hounds.

    • Kat: (on leaving her job as a publicist) I finished drama school and I had to go one way or the other and ultimately acting was the only thing I really, really loved.

    • Kat: (on playing Roberta Williams in "Underbelly") It was my job to really empathise with her and try to see the world from her point of view and so the last thing I wanted to do was to be judging her or trivialising her.

    • Kat: I love the live stuff, but to me, it's more about doing great roles, whether it's in a 20-seat theatre or in a major drama like Underbelly. Besides, in Australia, you can't just say you're going to be a film actor or a theatre actor. You need to be able to do everything. The unemployment rate is 98%. More often than not, actors are driving around in the worst cars you can imagine, doing it rough.

    • Kat: (on her husband) I liked him as an actor before I fancied him.

    • Kat: Acting gives me a great opportunity to live out a lot of stuff. And it leaves me free to go about my life quite peacefully.

    • Kat: (on "Underbelly" being banned in Victoria) I'm a Melbourne person, and all my family and friends are here, so it was really disappointing. But I do understand there are other factors at work and the world is not just about television. Things like justice - they're kind of important.

    • Kat: (on playing Roberta Williams in "Underbelly") I have a lot of empathy for Roberta and what she's been though. She's come from a very difficult background and has an incredible determination. She's passionate, loyal, funny and gutsy.

    • Kat: (about Roberta William's reaction to playing her in "Underbelly") Obviously, I would have preferred her to like it, but I can't control that. And if someone was playing me, I couldn't imagine I'd be happy.

    • Kat: (on researching drugs to play ice addict Claire in "City Homicide") I did a lot of reading about it [ice]. It gets a hold so quickly, and it's just rampant. And it crosses all walks of life. You hear about celebrities and football players using it - it's everywhere.