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  • Did you see my work

    If you can make time, i would like to read your comment.

    Once again www.artwanted.com/adrianna

    Take Care
  • I love her!.

    OMG! I loves her! she is so talented! She seems like a koolness person to be arounds && to just have a awesomeness time with! ily koolio ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! I so wants a tattoo from her one days! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! yupp yupp ! ! ! ! ! ! yea man ! yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp yupp [ [ y - u - p - p- y ] ] . [ [y u p p ] ] . yeah dude! ! ! ! ! ily!
  • Kat von D is a tattooed goddess among no others.

    Kat will be better off after leaving Miami. Personally I believe that the only one that really wanted her gone was Ami, but that is just my opinion. Kat is a leader anyways, plus now that she's home we will really get to see the REAL Kat! :) I am so happy for her that she is opening her own shop. I am sure it will be rocky at first but she has the will power and know how to get things situated fast. You go girl! We love you and all know that you will rock even more out here than you did in Miami!
  • I just watched an episode where Kat did a memorium tatoo for a father who lost a son...............A M A Z I N G!

    My GOD! There are artist\'s in this world and there are ARTIST! I was moved to tears to see the life Kat brought to this tatoo for the father in deep saddness over the loss of his son no less. What a talent, what a special person to bring such life in to her work.................WOW!
  • Finaly Kat Von D comes back to miami ink

    What can i say about Kat Von D....she makes me purrrrrr, i look forward to seeing her on the show each and EVERY time and i truly beieve she should be a permanent part of miami ink.
    With ruby red lips and that sultry smile of hers i would let her ink me anytime , if only i lived in the U.S.A.

    A.K.A. DungeonKper