Kate Ashfield

Kate Ashfield


5/28/1972, Birmingham, Warwickshire, England

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Born and bred in Birmingham, England, Kate Ashfield is a British stage, TV, radio, and film actress who is most popularly known for her role as Liz in the cult classic zombie-themed romantic comedy Shaun of the Dead opposite Simon Pegg.

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    • Kate: Often the only people who see plays are those who love theatre already – they're not a diverse group. If you can widen that group at all, then great.

    • Kate: Drama should make us confront our emotions. People are going through similar things all the time in real life. Thought-provoking is good.

    • Kate: (on working with Tim Roth) Working with Tim is great. I've worked with him once before because he directed me in The War Zone. That really makes a big difference we have a kind of shorthand. It's really good working with him.

    • Kate: (on her role as Miranda in "Secret Smile") It's rare to get such a good part. I don't think there are many roles where you have got so much to do. It was hard work, but there was something nice about that. Sometimes, the hardest part is the waiting, or being called in early and not being used.

    • Kate: I don't feel I've broken through. I'm still not considered 'a name' and that frustrates me. It seems these things are based on your celebrity rather than your body of work. That can be depressing.

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