Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale


7/26/1973, London, England, UK

Birth Name

Kathrin Romany Beckinsale


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Kate Beckinsale is an English actress known for her roles as the black-latex-clad vampire in Underworld, the sexpot Ava Gardner in The Aviator, and the dedicated nurse torn between Josh Hartnett and Ben Affleck in Pearl Harbor. Although she began her career in British theater and American art…more


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    • Kate: I didn't go looking to marry an American, it just kinda happened like that.

    • Kate: (on her daughter Lily) We had something recently when there were about 16 people in front of us taking pictures and Lily was enjoying the chance to legitimately shout at some grownups because normally she's not allowed. But even when she shouted they didn't stop. I find that shocking.

    • Kate: (on her daughter Lily) She already has some Americanisms: she says 'pants' instead of trousers and 'elevator' instead of lift. That's more than enough for me.

    • Kate: It's the only time my education has come in remotely handy.

    • Kate: I don't think he liked being in a cage and wouldn't stop masturbating and humping his bowl. about her daughter's pet rabbit.

    • Kate: I look at how Keira Knightley is coiffed when she attends events. I remember going to Cannes with Much Ado About Nothing (1993) when I was 18, and nobody told me, 'Oh, here's a make-up artist or, 'This person wants to dress you, what clothes are you wearing?' It just wasn't like that when I started. Nobody even told me I could bring a friend! I just sort of showed up in a very expensive pair of trousers I bought in Harvey Nichols, and something I bought in the Sock Shop at the airport. But Keira Knightley has like full hair and make- up and a proper outfit and I think, 'Wow, she's not going to have the before photos I had to endure!' She's really lucky.

    • Kate: I think, at 19, I was very grown-up in certain ways and extremely not so in others. If I had come on to a movie set at that age and someone had said, 'You're a bit funny-looking, can you go on a diet?' - I might have jumped off a building. I just didn't have the confidence to put that into perspective at the time.

    • Kate: I dropped out of Oxford, and now I only speak Russian with the woman who gives me a bikini-wax. See what Hollywood does to you?

    • Kate: Apparently, I get facials and manicures all the time. I read this and think, 'Oh, I wish I did that!' I don't think I've had a facial since I was 19. When I shave my legs, I use my child's shampoo and a razor - if I can find one. If I did everything they said I did, I would never see Lily.

    • Kate: I try and take lots of vitamins and I don't drink. I do smoke, though, I'd be insufferable if I didn't smoke, you'd have to push me off a balcony I'd be so boring.

    • Kate: Everybody likes the underdog, because everybody feels like the underdog. No matter how successful you are, you always think, No one's being nice enough to me!

    • Kate: No one is more enslaved than a slave who doesn't think they're enslaved.

    • Kate: If someone had told me years ago that sharing a sense of humor was so vital to partnerships, I could have avoided a lot of sex!

    • Kate: (On her appearance in the film Whiteout) I play a federal marshal chasing a fugitive in the Antarctic and I get horribly injured and disfigured. If you think I look bad in prison in Nothing But the Truth, wait until you see me in this one! I'm always doing movies where I'm getting beaten up, thrown down stairs, hit with blunt objects and even set on fire. I pulled off the scenes with just a few bumps and bruises.

    • Kate: (revealing she hasn't passed her driving test after failing repeatedly for the past 18 years) I'm looking forward to knowing how to drive because I get those anxiety dreams where I'm suddenly in control of a car on the freeway. I'm assuming those will go once I know how to drive. I drove a golf cart on holiday and did quite admirably with that. That's a start.

    • Kate: (on being made up to look "old and haggard" for Nothing But the Truth) They put eye bags and stuff like that on, but it's embarrassing. I did look like s**t. I had some eye bags and slightly yellowy skin put on my make up for the prison scenes. But by the end of the movie I think I had it naturally!

    • Kate: Now my typical daily diet is eggs or oatmeal for breakfast, a chicken or vegetable wrap for lunch, then fish and vegetables for dinner.

    • Kate: I can't tell you how many times I've gone to present at the Golden Globes, come home, whipped the dress off and read to my daughter wearing gazillion-dollar earrings. That's how it goes in my house, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

    • Kate: (confessing she is obsessed with breasts) I'm so fascinated by breasts because my mother didn't have them either. If I had them, I'd run up and down flights of stairs!

    • Kate: (revealing her daughter plays 'spot who's had Botox') My daughter will point to a woman and say, 'Look! That woman's had too much Botox.' She spots them because they all look a bit like Lord Voldemort from Harry Potter.

    • Kate: I'm very blessed to have a husband who appreciates me. Women feel sexy from feeling attractive and desired. Men feel sexy from having sex. If you can strike a balance where the man is having sex a lot and the woman is feeling desired enough to have sex, then you've figured out the secret to a marriage that's alive.

    • Kate: I have a four-year-old who's just starting to get worried about monsters, but she knows that mummy kicks monster a**, so she's fine.

    • Kate: There's such a pressure on women that we put on ourselves and everyone else puts on us to look unrealistic and everything, but you just can't compare yourself to people in magazines.

    • Kate: If I get a script that's set in the jungle it goes to the bottom of the pile because I don't think the playgrounds are going to be very good there! I'm really aware of how lucky I am but I have the kind of job where I can bring my child to work.

    • Kate: It still amazes me that people actually watching me with a gun didn't just burst out laughing. I can't even play ping-pong, but it turns out I'm good with weapons. I've got enormous hands, like a transsexual, and that's probably why.

    • Kate: I'm the worst wife in the cooking department. I always thought you can't be good at food and sex, but you can always order the food in. I'd rather he didn't order in the sex.

    • Kate: People should realize women aren't just whores or virgins, I want to see women who are real human beings.

    • Kate: No one is more enslaved than a slave who doesn't think they're enslaved.

    • Kate: In this business, where the opportunity to think everything is about you is there every day, now I really know that it isn't all about me.

    • Kate: (on losing her actor father) It's a very difficult thing losing a parent, but I think there's an added complication for me, because he was so well-loved and he had this very open charm that made people feel they had a personal relationship with him.

    • Kate: (admitting she is not good in the kitchen) I always thought you can't be good at food and sex (but) I would rather he didn't order in the sex!

    • Kate: I am going to make sure people don't ask them [her children], "Are you going to be an actor?" My mother said I could be anything I wanted except a policeman.

  • She's hot.

    First, I want to say that Kate Beckinsale is hot and talented. I have seen a couple of movies with her included and have to say she is quite an actress. That said, I would have to say that her looks add to the enjoyment of watching her on the big screen. I guess the best movie she was in would have to be the one where she portays a vampire. But I don't really like the movie itself, just her in it. Overall, she is a good actress and her talent matches her level of appeal to the audience. Thank you.moreless
  • She's beyond words!

    First of all words haven't been invented to describe how beautiful she is . To me she's perfect! But that's not enough, she is also very, very talented . Starting with Pearl Harbor where she was amazing as a nurse , but she actually got more of my attention as Sarah Thomas in Serendipity where she ran around the city following destiny . And then came Van Helsing and Underworld in both of witch she was great . But in the last few movies she has done , they made her loose her accent . I find that very sad , because there is something about the fact that when she speaks with it you're almost forced to turn around and incapable to look away . That's what Kate is : a beautiful human being that draws you to the screen and leaves you unwilling to even blink.moreless