Kate Bush

Kate Bush


7/30/1958, Bexleyheath, Kent, United Kingdom

Birth Name

Catherine Bush


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Catherine Bush was born in Bexleyheath, Kent. She came from a middle class background. Her father was a doctor. She was talented from an early age when she started playing piano and violin. Plus, she was also writing songs by the time she was 16. She started up…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Theres noone better than this sweet singing lady!

    I started listening to Kate Bush's when i was 8 years old, my dad put on her 'The Whole Story' album (Te isk in which all her best songs are on from 'The Kick Inside to 'The Hounds Of Love') and i was listening to her song 'Babooshka' and i just got really into it. Ever sents then i have listened to all 8 albums and downloaded her extra song including 'Experiment IX' 'The Magician' 'Don't Give Up' and ven her pre-recording (before 'The Kick Inside' album came out in 1979) organic Acid which she sings along side her brother! Kate Bush's music has inspired me so much to even start singing my own music! I'll never forget the first time i listened to her music, or even every other time after that! Shes definatly Talented, and She certainly the best singer iv ever heard!moreless
  • I love Kate's music!

    Kate Bush is a very unique and amazing singer from my home country. Yes she and I are both from England. She ahs an astounding voice and truly deserves more recognition here in America. She is very popular in England, I know, but not a lot of people in America have heard of her or her music. One of her best songs was "Wuthering Heights." I think my favourite album is The Kick Inside. I just loved the way she sang, and I also loved how people could relate to her songs. She can totally connect with teen girls with her music, and also because she was just a teenager when she wrote the songs. Still, she is a great role model for girls or anyone. I think she should be recognised here in America as well.moreless