Kate DeAraugo

Kate DeAraugo


11/5/1985, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

Birth Name

Katherine Jenna DeAraugo


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Kate DeAraugo is an Australian singer, and was the winner of the third season of Australian Idol in 2005. She was born to Portuguese migrants in Australia. The Australian media has suggested that Kate is Australia's answer to America's Hilary Duff. A former swimming teacher, Kate had auditioned…more


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    • Kate: Having come out of Australian Idol and faced lots of negativity, I just want to be a respected artist. I don't care if that takes a year or two years or 10 years - that's what I want in my career.

    • Kate: (on 'The Young Divas') One of the most beautiful things is that we all have our own vibe. We're different in the way we dress, the way we sing. If we were all the same there would be fights. We compliment each other. Ricki-Lee and Paulini are the most girlie, I'm more glamour rock and Emily is a ghetto chick who brings the edge.

    • Kate: (what she thought of the idea of the 'Young Divas' when the idea was first proposed) I hated the idea [laughs]. Seriously, I won Australian Idol, which means I need to go on the road, but I don't want to take on the world on my own. Touring is not about owning the whole thing - it's about people enjoying themselves. We want to prove we can work together and pull it off.

    • Kate: What Kyle Sandilands said to me about having "tuckshop lady arms" was cool. I just wish he hadn't said it in front of everybody. I weighed 110kg two years ago, but since then I've lost weight at my own speed.

    • Kate: (on body confidence) If you're the kind of girl who can carry yourself well and who feels happy and comfortable, people don't think, 'She's a big girl' - they just see a vibrant person. In my first Australian Idol audition, Kyle Sandilands said to me, 'You're a chunky girl. Does that bother you?' I told him, 'It doesn't rule my life'.

    • Kate: (on the pressure to be thin) I think there's pressure on everybody to look good, but one of the beautiful things about The Young Divas is we're not perfect and we don't claim to be. One week I might lose a few kilos and the next week I might put a few on, but it's not the end of my world.