Kate DeAraugo

Kate DeAraugo


11/5/1985, Bendigo, Victoria, Australia

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Katherine Jenna DeAraugo


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Kate DeAraugo is an Australian singer, and was the winner of the third season of Australian Idol in 2005. She was born to Portuguese migrants in Australia. The Australian media has suggested that Kate is Australia's answer to America's Hilary Duff. A former swimming teacher, Kate had auditioned…more


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    • Kate: Having come out of Australian Idol and faced lots of negativity, I just want to be a respected artist. I don't care if that takes a year or two years or 10 years - that's what I want in my career.

    • Kate: (on 'The Young Divas') One of the most beautiful things is that we all have our own vibe. We're different in the way we dress, the way we sing. If we were all the same there would be fights. We compliment each other. Ricki-Lee and Paulini are the most girlie, I'm more glamour rock and Emily is a ghetto chick who brings the edge.

    • Kate: (what she thought of the idea of the 'Young Divas' when the idea was first proposed) I hated the idea [laughs]. Seriously, I won Australian Idol, which means I need to go on the road, but I don't want to take on the world on my own. Touring is not about owning the whole thing - it's about people enjoying themselves. We want to prove we can work together and pull it off.

    • Kate: What Kyle Sandilands said to me about having "tuckshop lady arms" was cool. I just wish he hadn't said it in front of everybody. I weighed 110kg two years ago, but since then I've lost weight at my own speed.

    • Kate: (on body confidence) If you're the kind of girl who can carry yourself well and who feels happy and comfortable, people don't think, 'She's a big girl' - they just see a vibrant person. In my first Australian Idol audition, Kyle Sandilands said to me, 'You're a chunky girl. Does that bother you?' I told him, 'It doesn't rule my life'.

    • Kate: (on the pressure to be thin) I think there's pressure on everybody to look good, but one of the beautiful things about The Young Divas is we're not perfect and we don't claim to be. One week I might lose a few kilos and the next week I might put a few on, but it's not the end of my world.

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  • Kate DeAraugo True Bio

    Kate Dearaugo was not born to Portugese parents. As posted in previous bio.Her father is Australian, her mother born in England.

    This bio is as posted on Totally Kate website http://www.katedearaugofans.com/Joomla

    courtesy of Sue DeAraugo, Kates mother. Katherine Jenna DeAraugo Was born on the 5th November 1985 at the then St Andrews hospital in Melbourne. Now known as the Peter McCallum Cancer Institute, Royal Melbourne Hospital. She was born with a broken collar bone weighing 7lb 14oz. Her first word was 'ball' and she began to walk at age 11 months. At the age of 6 months, the family moved to Bendigo to live, where Kate's father Paul and his family had lived all their lives. These days Kate's parents are prominent business people in the district owning a major motor vehicle dealership. Incidently, the name DeAraugo is pronounced "Derouge" which is portugese, although Kate's father is Australian and her mother born in England. Kate is not portugese as some have suggested. Kate's first holiday was at age 8 months to Ocean Grove, a coastal township and beach resort on the southern side of the Bellarine Peninsula, looking out on to Bass Strait. Kate's father enjoys fishing and as such Kate was brought up with fishing being a regular family activity.

    Kate attended at Strathdale Kinder in Bendigo until she commenced grade 1 at St Teresa's Catholic school where she remained until 6th grade. Whilst attending St Teresa's, in about 4th grade. Kate had her first stage experience, when she entered a school talent quest and sang 'Going to the chapel'. From there she went to catholic college until she completed her twelth year of education.

    Kate learnt to swim at age 5, she took to swimming straight away and her coach wanted her to join the swimming squad immediately. Kate's mum thought she should wait until age 8, which she did, and later began competing at age 9 until the age of 15. She went on to win many events as a child and was a champion swimmer up until leaving school. Her best strokes were butterfly (which her mum describes as beautiful) and also extremely good at freestyle. She later began as a volunteer swimming teacher, where she taught in both Melbourne and Queensland whilst she was under the guidance and tuition of John Farnhams backing singer and legendary Soul Vocalist, Vanetta Fields. John Farnham Vanetta Fields

    A little background on Vanetta. She originates from Buffalo New York, and moved to Australia In 1982. She started as a gospel singer in her early career and was recognised by Ike and Tina Turner for her talent. She then went on to perform on stage with them as one of the 'Ikettes', which continued for 5 years.

    Vanetta has worked with the creme of the creme of musicians over the duration of her career, including such greats as Diana Ross, Aretha Franklin, The Rolling Stones, Burt Bachrach, Bette Midler, Quinsy Jones, Bob Seiger, Pink Floyd, Barbra Streisand, Steely Dan, and Bob Dylan plus many many more legends of the music industry. So that said, this wealth of experience and knowledge passed down to Kate via Vanetta has to be testimony to how Kate has become the polished and powerful vocalist she has today. Kate could never have found a better teacher or role model for herself than Vanetta Fields.

    During the rest of her high school years, Kate's musical education involved regular trips to Vanetta's home on the Gold Coast. She went there every six to eight weeks, for a week putting in five hours a day. Then returning home to process all the information and return to Vanettas home 8 weeks later.

    Within a couple of years, Kate's relationship with Vanetta had grown so close that she left Bendigo to live and work with Vanetta full-time. Initially for six months, which evolved into two years. Kate learnt many things from Vanetta, not just about music, but also about life, from listening to Vanetta talk about her life and events.

    Kate's mother Sue says that Kate and her younger siblings Alex and Eliza all have the family trait of humming whilst they go about their day to day routines. This was first noticed in Kate at about age 5. Her mother remembers her sitting on the floor humming 'Your the Voice' by John Farnham. So it would seem evident from such a young age, Kate was destined to be musical in some capacity. It's ironic how all these years later she was trained by Vanetta Fields, furthermore,it has been said on occasions how much Kate seem's to remind people of John Farnham especially on stage, particularly her hand gestures and mannerisms.

    Kate's entire family are musical, with her Grandfather Vin on her fathers side being also a former musician who released an album of his own in the past.

    Her uncle Chris also wrote the song "Tell Me" which Kate performed at the Otis foundation inaugaral ball at age 14, and was later recorded for the Otis Foundation charity album in 2002. The Otis Foundation is the realisation of the dream of a young woman, Judy Burley, whose experience with breast cancer lead her to realise the value of living close to nature in the beautiful countryside of Central Victoria. Kate's parents are still actively supporting this charity to this day.

    Kate is also a huge animal lover and as a child owned a pet cockatiel named Gus, for about 14 years. When Kate moved to Sydney after her November 2005 Australian Idol win. Her parents flew down to help her settle in to her new apartment, and to make it homely they decided to go shopping for a pet for Kate. At first they planned on a goldfish.Then thought a goldfish wouldn't be very much company after all. Eventually deciding on another cockatiel. She named the cockatiel Kev. He is quite talented himself, as he even whistles the tune of 'Maybe Tonight' how cute is that? The reason she named the bird Kev was influenced by a standing family inference to the Australian TV commercial personality Big Kev, who is known for his rather overly excited demeanour. They would often remark about something being exciting as being 'rather big kev'

    So her mother Sue made a passing comment to Kate about being so excited and happy for her to have a new pet. Kate suddenly said "That's it" Now I know what I shall Call him. I'll call him Kev. So for those who wanted to know why she named the bird Kev, this is the reason.

    Since then Kev has passed away, Kate now has a pet Kitten.

    Kate's favourite childhood band was the UK pop group 'Take That' from where Robbie Williams first rose to fame. To this day Kate still loves Robbie Williams and has every 'Take that' album ever recorded. So suffice to say, if Robbie Williams called her up to do a duet, we all know what her answer to that would be.moreless
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    Kate is a really great gal and it was really nice to see a good Australian Idol winner after the previous years shocker. Kate came out with 2 hugely popular songs in her debut album which was great. I think that she is working on or finishing her second album now so I am looking forward to that.