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    • Kate: (Kate is of Irish ancestry.) I don't think there are any Irish people on the planet that don't have an alcoholic in their family somewhere. It's a familiar beast.

    • Kate: (on coming back to work from the WGA strike) It felt like there were not enough hours in the day. It was such a relief and a joy to see everyone. Lots of laughs and hugs.

    • Kate: Writing the TVguide.com blog sometimes feels like writing a term paper and sometimes it writes itself. I still struggle with privacy issues and also what I like to call the "who really cares about this" factor. I forget that even stating what happens with the cast is NEWS to some. I have to have a little fun with it just to keep it entertaining.

    • Kate: I feel like such a disappointment because I'm not really a big drinker anymore. I'm too old to do that. But I've had my days.

    • Kate: (about working on "The Office") We all realized that this is probably going to be the greatest experience that any of us have ever had ever. Even Steve Carell has said that. It's just such a special show. We all won the lottery.

    • Kate Flannery : (On landing the role of Meredith and what the first script called for) The character was initially explained to me as divorced, with a hysterectomy, lactose intolerant, blue collar, no makeup. That was pretty much in the breakdown. I remember getting there and seeing some other actresses that I knew from Second City and I thought they're going to get it, I'm not going to get it. Then, by the time I got home, I got a call from the casting director to go to another place and do it again as soon as I could get there. And they had me do it again; they had me do it just a little bit more deadpan. By the time I got home from that, I found out I got it. I didn't even realize it was going to be a regular thing. I thought it was going to be just one episode.

    • Kate Flannery: ( about breaking into show business) I've done theater for years. The TV and film stuff came very slowly. Although I will say that in high school, I was an extra in the movie Taps. I missed my senior prom because I was an extra in Eddie and the Cruisers. If you're from Philadelphia, there are just a few movies that come through there. I really enjoy theater and I've had some great experiences off-Broadway and just touring at the Kennedy Center and a lot of different cities. But, I will say that the TV is very, very specific and as much as I loved to be in New York, for me, I felt like I really have to be in L.A. to pursue that kind of work. And it takes time – it's been a long struggle in a lot of ways. And now I'm an overnight success.