Kate Ford

Kate Ford


6/15/1977, Salford, England

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Kate Ford


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  • Kate Ford ia amazing! Youve got to admit that this girl has got some great talent on her hands!

    I love Kate Ford! Ok, Im only 15 and Im a fan of a soapstar, but youve got to admit that this girl has got great talent! I cant believe that she could be leaving in March! I just cant believe it! I cried when I first found out for gods sake. For you lot who have been watching Corrie lately then you will know that Kate (who plays Tracy Barlow) has done some amazing acting and she has certainly kept MY eyes glued to the TV screen! Ive taped this weeks and Im taping next weeks too! I just CANT BARE to see her leave. Im wishing and dreaming and even PRAYING that she is not going to be sent to jail! Otherwise, it could be no more Tracy, and no more Kate Ford. I hope everybody has their fingers crossed that Tracy will EVENTUALLY get away with Charlies murder so she can stay on Corrie and then we can still see her every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday! And I just love seeing her with little Amy aswell. They are so cute together and it will be horrible to see little Amy being separated with her mum (even though its only a programme). I just LOVE Kate Ford and she has to stay in the Street! Please dont leave Kate!moreless