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  • Trivia

    • Kate's occupation at the time of entering the Big Brother house in 2007 was as a lawyer and enquiry officer. As at 2007, Kate works for a Melbourne legal firm. Prior to that, she worked at the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman.

    • Kate was the first evictee from Big Brother in 2007.

    • Following the revalation Kate had lost her baby 18 months prior to Big Brother, the network revealed they had been aware of the situation when they initiated the task requiring Housemates to care for electronic baby dolls. This caused outrage amongst viewers and organisations such as the Stillbirth Foundation.

    • Big Brother was forced to cancel a task shortly after it begun, when it became clear it was upsetting to Kate. The task, which saw Housemates look after electronic babies, was cancelled when it was revealed Kate had given birth 18 months earlier, only for her baby to die a few short hours later.

    • After one week in the 2007 Big Brother house, Kate complained in the diary room to Big Brother that her fellow housemates were "idiots" and that no-one stimulated her intellectually.

    • On the season opening episode of the 2007 Australian Big Brother series, Kate revealed that she believed her ideal relationship was to be single.

    • Kate was a champion debater and was accepted into Oxford University in Britain.

    • As at November 2007, Kate resides in Victoria, Australia.

    • On the first episode of Big Brother in 2007, Kate described herself as heavenly and fabulous. She also describes herself as having an insatiable appetite for excitement.

  • Quotes

    • Kate: (her plans following "Big Brother") I'm going to go back to my job — I work at the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman — which is a fantastic organisation to work for.

    • Kate: (on who she liked the most in "Big Brother") Susannah. She's beautiful. She's someone who I'm definitely going to catch up with on the outside. She and I live in the same suburb in Melbourne so hopefully we can be good friends. She actually gets her coffee from the same café I get mine in the city, so I've seen her before. I recognised her straight away when she walked in. It was totally bizarre. Same suburb and same café.

    • Kate: (on who she liked the least in "Big Brother") The least is difficult. I think in the end it was probably Andrew who I liked the least and that wouldn't have come across at all cause I never got to the stage where I expressed that opinion. He said to me that he's not trying to offer any advice on how to live but in fact that's what he's always doing. He's always giving his opinion on how the house should behave and it's not his place. I just don't like his attitude. I don't like the way his entire personality changed once the couple was revealed.

    • Kate: (asked to sum up her "Big Brother" experience) The experience was a wild ride and it's still going. It was at times traumatic and at times just completely horrible but it allowed me to tell a story that needed to be told. I'm glad that I've been strong enough to tell the story and I'm feeling proud of myself that I was actually able to come out and tell the story. At this stage there are a lot of positives to come out of the experience.

    • Kate: (looking back on her "Big Brother" experience) I wish I could change the entire first week because it was really awful and I acted in such a terrible way which was a really awful experience while I was living it and it was even more awful to watch it. It's terrible watching yourself looking so ugly and looking so angry and upset. I didn't like what I saw one bit and so I'd try to change that. Realistically I would probably just go in there and be sweet and nice and stay out of everybody's way. I think that's the way you win this game.

    • Kate: (asked if "Big Brother" was what she expected) No, it was the opposite of what I expected. I expected, and people say I'm naïve for this, but I expected more diversity amongst the housemates and I expected for there to be at least a few who I would really click with straight away and unfortunately there were none that I clicked with straight away and I'm not used to that. I'm used to being able to walk into any social situation and make friends at the drop of a hat because that's just what I'm like in my normal life. To go into a situation where I just didn't work. My personality wasn't coming through and that was incredibly difficult. I wasn't compatible with any of the people in the house and who knows why I was picked. I really don't have any idea why I was put into the house.

    • Kate: (asked who she thinks was playing the game in "Big Brother") Definitely Joel. It probably won't come out for another few weeks but he's the one in there who's really acting a part. He's hiding a lot. I also think that he's not letting his true personality show through. He's always putting on an act as the funny guy and eventually people will start to see through that.

    • Kate: (the worst piece of advice someone's ever given her) Everything in moderation. Pffftt!

    • Kate: (asked which animal best represents her) A cat – I walk all over you, but you still love me.

    • Kate: (her ultimate dream job) Queen of the World. In charge of everyone making decision, being fabulous to everyone, wearing couture, going to balls.

    • Kate: (after being evicted from "Big Brother") The house lacked social, cultural, racial diversity. It was difficult as I didn't get along with the other contestants. I made some friends like Demi, Jamie and Suzannah, they are awesome but I was definitely the freak of the house. No, I probably wouldn't repeat the Big Brother experience but am very thankful. I think Demi will win, she has some spark and never gets angry.

    • Kate: While I am open to having another child I am not looking for a man to be the father - I am a totally single person who doesn't need another man to be there for me or the child. I am an independent woman. I am not some sad chick who has lost a child; I really am a party person and can't wait to get home with my gay friends and hit some clubs.

    • Kate: (on refusing to do the baby task while in "Big Brother") The baby shock for me was something I had to do at the time, I wanted to stand up for myself and say 'I was not prepared to do what they wanted'. It just brought back old memories and I had to deal with it. The father of the child I lost lives in Berlin and is a media personality there. We had a very strong connection and commuted backwards and forwards for our relationship that ended a while ago. But we remain friends.

    • Kate: (on her baby loss becoming public while in "Big Brother") I have heard a little about the baby incident controversy and I have read some press. But I am pleased as it is a serious issue and important other women know about it. I am happy it brought attention to pre-eclampsia and other women can learn that it's ok to talk about losing a baby. It was an important story for me to tell but Big Brother got it wrong.

    • Kate: (after being evicted from "Big Brother") Big Brother was emotionally draining - I am a strong woman but didn't expect it to be tough like it was. I happy to be out but also would have liked to have stayed in there. I don't know what's next- I've always wanted to be a journalist - is there anything going at your paper?

    • Kate: (on being evicted from the "Big Brother" house) It's a mixture of happiness and sadness to be out. I would like to be still in there as the aim is to last the longest but at the same time I am looking forward to seeing my family and friends.

    • Kate: I don't want to get married. It's hard for some people to understand that.

    • Kate: I find raw masculinity completely sexy.