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  • WHY did we give her the attention?

    I have no cule. But I do wish her and the children the best.
  • Please go away.

    I have to admit that I thought that she would be away from the spotlight by now. Obviously, that's not the case. While had had some respect for her as a mother of 8 children, it is now apparent that she seems to care more about furthering her own career rather than care for her children in the appropriate manner. She really has no talent so I don't understand what she thinks she can do. I doubt she makes it anywhere in the business that she is pursuing, but who knows. There have been other people that have zero talent that are famous. Thank you.
  • My views on Kate Gosselin.

    I love Kate Gosselin. People say she's only in it for the cash and the fame but she's not. She is a single mother now and this is the only way she can support her kids. Jon is off spending his money like it grows on trees but Kate is being more practical with the money. Kate has had to raise 8 kids almost all by herself because Jon isn't much help and before the divorce he was working all day long. Kate has raised her 8 kids better than some people can raise 1. They are all polite, respectful, young kids that have grown up beautifully. I think she is doing all she can. If they never decided to do the show they would be completly broke. So isn't it better that they did the show to provide for the kids? I think that what Kate did in the past and what she is going to do in the future will be admirable and well thought out.
  • 9.0
    Kate, I am so upset. Why wasn't Alexis listed with the cast? I miss her and hope you will list Miss Alexis.
    I love the show! I have one child a son who is grown so you can imagine how I enjoy your girls. All of your children are so sweet and so well mannered. I know you and Jon have a hetic life but man the rewards you receive are awesome. I think it's so cute when the kids get on their desired stools and wait for maddy and cara to return home on the school bus. Oh, they get sooo excited lol.

    Hope to see Alexis on the list soon!