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    • Shortly after announcing her divorce from Jon Gosselin in 2009, Kate publicly declared that she had done "everything I could to keep our family together." On her family's reality show, Jon and Kate Plus 8, she claimed that she wanted to talk it out with Jon and try to fix things, but he refused to speak to her, and he ordered her to get a divorce lawyer before she even realized what was happening. Jon, however, had a completely different story. Through an exclusive interview on Good Morning America in September 2009, he said that she initiated the divorce, while he spent thousands of dollars going to therapy/counseling, which she refused to attend with him. He also said that they eventually went to Dr. Phil together in California, but Kate's only concern was figuring out how to fix the image of the show itself, which ultimately meant hiding their marital issues from the world. Jon described the whole meeting with Dr. Phil as "weird."