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  • I haven't seen enough of her to become a fan, but I still think she's good.

    I've seen 2 shows so far that Kate Higgins have voice acted in. They're Zatch Bell! and Naruto. She provides the voices of Megumi and Sakura. At first, I couldn't tell she was the voice actor for both, but now that I know, I realise she's pretty good.

    Megumi is pretty calm. Unlike Sakura, she rarely spazzes (or from what I've seen so far) and doesn't get mad as easy. Kate Higgins does a good job as playing the calm good girl. Though her voice acting for Megumi could be better.

    Sakura is like an anti-Megumi. She's pretty hyper (her inner-self any way), obsessed with Sasuke, and loses her temper easily whenever Naruto does somethin stupid (which is quite often). I really perfer Kate's voice acting for Sakura over her's for Megumi. With Sakura, she sounds like a girl with emotion.

    I hope to see more of Kate's voice acting in the future. I'm pretty sure she can become a popular anime voice actor someday.