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    • Kate sings the following songs:
      Crazy Man
      Doin' What We Do
      Sun in My Universe
      Bigger Than Love
      So Good
      Smoke and Imagination
      21st Century Lullaby
      Ticket to Ride
      Sweetest Distraction
      Fallen' for Nothing
      Love Me Gone
      Song for Adam

    • Kate Higgins does certain voices in the following video games (VG):
      Naruto: Clash of Ninja - Does voice of Sakura Haruno
      Naruto: Ultimate Ninja - Does voice of Sakura Haruno
      Wild ARMs: The Fourth Detonator - Does the voice of Yulie
      Everquest - Does various charcter voices
      Destroy All Humans! - Voices the Rural Female.

    • If she had to choose she would be the voice of Sasuke, if she was a guy. This info was found in May issue of Shonen Jump (2006).

    • Voice of Miya Igarashi in Here is Greenwood.

    • She is also a pianist along with being an actor.

    • Voice for additional voices Sentou yousei yukikaze (V)

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