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  • Great in Coupling.

    She's simply the best of Coupling. I haven’t seen her in any other show, but I absolutely love her performances in it. Most of all I liked the dancing and singing skills she uncovered in the 3rd episode in the 4th season “Bed Time”.

    (Singing) I'm Susan the happy trotting elf! I trot and trot and bounce and bounce and smile a lot and that's what counts! I'm Susan the happy trotting smile a lotting elf! I'm polite so just for clarity, when I'm cross I say "Apparently!"

    In that moment she earned my devotion for ever and ever.
    I don't know, but I get the feeling she'd be good in movies too. Maybe I should watch Half Light (2006) just to see what she's like.

    Anyway, she's a great entertainment person!