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    • Kate was ranked #9 in Glamour's "The 50 Most Glamorous Women of 2008."

    • In 2008, Kate was ranked first in the Most Attractive Women who have modeled for the underwear brand Agent Provocateur.

    • At the 2008 Glamour Women of the Year Awards in the UK, Kate Moss was awarded the "Entrepreneur of the Year" award in recognition for her Topshop fashion range.

    • In June 2008, it was revealed that Kate had lost her deal with Agent Provocateur. She was the face of the underwear brand.

    • In May 2008, Kate was spotted riding a quad bike with Lila Grace, neither of them wearing helmets, prompting accusations of endangering her daughter's life by various health and safety groups.

    • Kate was listed at #74 in Forbes magazine's Celebrity 100 of 2007.

    • Kate donated $50,000 to Naomi Campbell's Fashion For Relief fundraiser in 2007.

    • In June 2007, Kate and boyfriend Pete Doherty released a second "KP Nuts" video clip on the internet in the hope they get signed to a record label as a pop duo. The video features Pete singing while playing his guitar, with Kate then entering the room shouting abuse.

    • Kate naturally has brown hair. She has been coloring her hair blonde since her career launched.

    • At the 2007 NME Awards, Kate was named Sexiest Woman.

    • Kate celebrated her 33rd birthday with a 24-hour party. She spent more than $12,000 on a marathon drinking and dancing session. The celebrations began in her Primrose Hill home, then she met Pete Doherty at Scott's oyster bar in Mayfair.

    • Kate has been named the face of 2007's "Face Of Fashion" exhibit at London's National Portrait Gallery.

    • Kate was named Britain's Model of the Year at the 2006 British Fashion Awards.

    • On Tuesday, October 24, 2006, Kate confirmed she was engaged to boyfriend Pete Doherty. However, in early July 2007, Kate split up with Pete.

    • Kate has appeared on over 300 magazine covers.

    • Kate has appeared in the music videos for Kowalski by Primal Scream, I Just Don't Know What to do with Myself by the White Stripes, and Delia's Gone by Johnny Cash.

    • After Kate's drug scandal in 2005, she was able to get more deals and more money because fashion bosses believed consumers would be attracted to her wild life style and the fact there is a certain danger about her. She was expected to earn thirty million by the end of 2006.

    • Kate ranked at #7 on a countdown of the Ten Most Beautiful English Women.

    • Kate appears on the cover of the September 2006 edition of Vanity Fair.

    • Kate has enrolled her daughter Lila Grace for private Spanish lessons.

    • Kate was named the Best Dressed of 2006 by Vanity Fair magazine.

    • Kate says she likes dating bad boys because she likes a guy who is "dangerous."

    • Kate was not charged for her alleged 2005 drug use. While the CPS believe Moss was using controlled drugs after studying video footage from the studio, they said there was no actual forensic evidence in which they could use to convict her.

    • Kate is the inspiration for the "heroin chic" look, which was a fashion trend of the mid 1990s.

    • Kate will be in the spring campaign for Virgin Mobile and Roberto Cavalli.

    • British Vogue had Kate on the cover for the March 2006 issue for the first time since Kate's alleged cocaine use.

    • Kate has been romantically linked with Lenny Kravitz, a musician.

    • In 2005, Kate was dubbed "Cocaine Kate" because of the scandal.

    • Kate was mentioned in Jewel's song Intuition and Kayne West's song Stronger.

    • Kate was on the first issue of Russian Vogue.

    • At the age of 30, Kate was declared "The Sexiest Woman Of All Time," according to a poll conducted by men's magazine Arena to mark its 150th issue.

    • Kate was discovered at the age of 14 at the JFK airport while returning to England, after a family holiday in the Bahamas, by Sarah Doukas of the Storm Agency.

    • Kate won "Model of the Year" at the VH1 Fashion Awards in 1996.

    • In 1995, Kate received the "Fashion Personality of the Year".

    • In February 2005, Kate's naked portrait, painted by Lucien Freud, was sold for 3.9 million pounds ($7.2 million American) by Christie's auction in London.

    • Kate released her own picture book called "Kate: The Kate Moss Story."

    • Kate is signed to Storm, modeling agency in London and IMG models (New York) and Marylin (Paris).

    • Kate is best friends with actress/designer Sadie Frost, model Frankie Rayder, and designer Stella McCartney.

    • In 2004, Kate was blasted by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) for wearing rabbit-fur boots.

    • In June 2005, Kate posed in the nude to raise funds for Elton John's Aids charity.

    • Kate and her 'then boyfriend' Pete Doherty were the most sought-after couple on the Britain's party circuit according to a compiled poll for August's issue of Tatler magazine. (July 6, 2005)

    • Kate was featured in the 2006 Pirelli calendar, along side other famous females such as Jennifer Lopez and Gisele Bündchen.

    • In Novemver 2005, Kate made a comeback after finishing drug rehab by appearing on the cover of US magazine Vanity Fair.

    • Kate's cocaine scandal inspired artist Stella Vine to display a collection called "The Beautiful And The Damned" in a London gallery. One of the pictures shows Moss apparently using drugs.

    • Despite a troublesome few months of cocaine scandal, Kate was named the Best-Dressed Woman of 2005 by British magazine Grazia.

    • Kate a daughter, Lila Grace, was born September 29, 2002 at the St. John and Elizabeth Hospital in west London; Lila's father is Jefferson Hack.

    • In 2005, Kate was ranked #3 in British Vogue Magazine's list of "10 Best Dressed Women".

    • Kate was ranked #8 in British Harpers & Queen's 100 Most Beautiful Women of the Year in July 2005.

    • Kate was ranked #1 in British Glamour's Best Dressed Women in the World in 2005.

    • Kate has a small heart tattoo, a quarter-inch, on the back of her hand, near her thumb. She also has a crown tattooed on her shoulder.

    • Kate has split from Pete Doherty after he failed to complete rehab for his crack addiction.

    • Kate has dated Johnny Depp and Billy Zane.

    • Kate was dropped from advertising with H&M, Burberry, and Chanel by the labels after her cocaine scandal.

    • French Vogue had devoted their December 2005 issue to Kate, using the tagline "Scandalous beauty." It was a reference to the industry pressure on Kate after it was revealed she snorted cocaine.

    • Kate lost many advertising contracts after there were pictures revealed showing her snorting cocaine.

    • Kate first became engaged to musician Pete Doherty in 2005.

    • Kate drank and smoked heavily at age 12.

    • Kate's net worth is over $2.2 million.

    • Kate is a vegan.

    • Kate created the "waif" look, which many say encourages anorexia in impressionable teens.

    • Kate's measurements are 33A-23-34.

    • Kate is/was the spokesmodel for:
      narciso rodriguez
      Cerruti 1881
      Banana Republic
      Yves Saint Laurent
      Louis Vuitton

    • According to Kate's modelling agency 'Storm Models' :
      Height: 5' 8" / 172.72 cm
      Bust 34 B
      Waist: 26" / 66.04 cm
      Hips: 35.5" / 90.17 cm
      Shoes: 6.5 (UK)

  • Quotes

    • Kate: (revealing why she leaves the car door open when refuelling her car) My daughter Lila loves the smell of gasoline – she always says, "Mummy, keep the door open," when I'm filling up the car. I've heard it is one of the most preferred scents in the world – maybe that's something to study for my next fragrance!

    • Kate: I was never anorexic, so I was never that skinny. I was never boney-boney. But I remember thinking, "I don't want to be this skinny." I didn't eat for a long time. Not on purpose. You'd be on shoots with bad food or get on a plane, and the food would be so disgusting you couldn't eat it. You go to a show, and there's no food at all, so if you're doing shows back to back, you can forget eating. I remember standing up in the bath one day, and there was a mirror in front of me, and I was so thin! I hated it. I never liked being that skinny.

    • Kate: (on being self-conscious about being flat-chested) I was like, 'Oh no, I don't want to be different. I want to have big t*ts. I want to look like Cindy Crawford.' (Corinne Day) would make me take off my top, and I would cry. After five years of taking off your top you get used to it, and you're not self-conscious anymore. You're not conscious about your flaws - bow-legged, crooked teeth.

    • Kate: (on when Frank Sinatra kissed her) He kissed me on the lips, and then he gave me a filterless cigarette. I came over all light headed and had to sit on his dressing room steps. Maybe it was the cigarette and nothing to do with the legend.

    • Kate: (on branching out to design fashion for UK chain Topshop ) Modeling can be a bit brain damaging. Starting my own brand was what I needed to do. I only model if there are such good jobs that you don't want to say no to. All that dressing up makes me say, "What do I want to wear?" and, "What do I want to do with Topshop?" It all kind of leads into the other things.

    • Kate: (on developing her own perfume) It's something I've thought about for a long time. When I put it on I want to feel fresh and light and as the day goes on I want to feel sexier.

    • Kate: I would have wanted to be a rock star, a lead singer, if I wasn't a model. I'd go touring in a bus with my band. In my next life, that's the plan.

    • Kate: (on her daughter Lila) Lila can't be a model until she's at least 21. She is already a mini-me - it is scary. She already has her own beauty kit.

    • Kate: (on becoming a fashion designer) I'm getting really into it. I love it. (Topshop owner Sir Phillip Green) has even said I can have an office. My own office! I want somewhere I can put my mood boards up.

    • Kate: (on the paparazzi taking pictures) There are degrees of privacy. For instance, if I'm taking my daughter Lila to school, that's not OK. Once I was walking from The Mercer (hotel) in New York - because otherwise I don't walk anywhere - and this woman paparazzo who was following me fell over a fire hydrant and her whole tooth went through her lip. I leant over her, saying, 'Are you all right?' and she was still taking pictures. I was, 'You know what? You are sick in the head.' And she was really surprised that I had stopped. Like I was going to leave her bleeding.

    • Kate: It was kind of boring for me to have to eat. I would know that I had to, and I would.

    • Kate: (on the topic of the media singling her out on the debate for her body image) It was just the time. It was a swing from more buxom girls like Cindy Crawford and people were shocked to see what they called a 'waif'. What can you say? How many times can you say 'I'm not anorexic'?

    • Kate: Now I'm being blamed not only for anorexia but for lung cancer. - On being a social smoker.

    • Kate: I got tired of feeling like Dracula. I wanted to see some daylight, and not just at six o'clock in the morning.