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  • Captain Jane


    I loved her...I loved Kate anyway...but as Captain Janeway..OMG..tough,smart, nobody to mess with....brilliant! Her relationship with Checkotay, and all her crew members...yet amazingly, kind and sensitive...still she'd put a torpedo down your throat if you messed with her crew!..Pure100% drama....

  • Oh dear

    A good actress given a terible show (Voyager)with bad scripts ,plots and most importantly a cast that had no chemistry.
    I do ,ike her other work and recomend her stage performances.

    She just needs to pick her tv show more carefully
    and insure she does not pick 3rd rate sci fi with very bored executive producers who want to do something else.

    god bless her
  • Amazing in every way, shape & form. :)

    If you ask me, Kate Mulgrew shines in every way on screen, and on stage. She was absolutely incredible in Star Trek - Voyager as the first female captain. She showed more compassion and care than all captains combined.

    In The Black Donnellys, Kate is remarkable as mother, Helen. This show wasn't really given a chance to succeed, and was really well done.

    As an actress Kate Mulgrew shows excellence & poise. Her performance on stage in "Tea at Five" as Katharine Hepburn is one in a million. If you ask me, Kate is absolutely wonderful and let's not forget her charming personality at conventions. She answers fan questions & tells stories like your neighbour.

    She's beautiful, she's amazing & she's talented. She's Katherine (Kate) Kiernan Mulgrew.
  • Good actress.

    I best know Kate Mulgrew from her time on Star Trek Voyager as Captain Katherine Janeway. I thought the way she portrayed her character was great and she was a decent leader. The thing is that even while she was a good actress, she couldn't save a show in which there was no buzz. Compared to other actresses, I consider her old school in many ways. She seems to bring an old fashioned look to many of her roles and has mannerisms much like the old actors and actresses of distant year's past. Overall, she is a very good actress and was good on Star Trek. Thank you.
  • Loved Her.

    A truely talented actress with an inspiration voice. The main problem is that she doesn't do enough different things. Totally underused and underappreciated...

    I have to say that she is also one of the most versatile actresses, with a lot of skill. Although many people have said that she was the worst captain of any star trek series I have to say that I disagree. She was the first female captain to head a tv show and she did it brilliantly. If only they would giver a a movie to be in, more than she was in Nemesis. I loved her and will continue to love her.
  • Such a wonderful actress but since her Star Trek days is rarely seen anywhere.

    Such a wonderful actress but since her Star Trek days is rarely seen anywhere. Just caught her on last night's episode of Law & Order : SUV by accident and I barely recognized her - she's a blonde now. She looks great and much younger as a blonde. I only knew it was her when she started to talk (I would know her voice anywhere). She one of the main reasons I've always enjoyed watching ST: Voyager. Well back to the L&O :SUV episode - she was barely on for what ? 5 minutes total. Goodness what a waste of talent - the writers could have done so much with her character. I was very disappointed that they didn't give Kate more to do. Give this woman more work.
  • One of my all time favourites!

    Kate is possibly one of the most talented actresses of our time. I'm not just saying that because I'm a Trekkie, I'm saying it because it's true.

    I was familiar with her long before she stepped into the role of Captain Kathryn Janeway. She has an incredibly beautiful voice, not to mention the power of her stage presence is quite rare.

    The woman is talented, plain and simple ... and I hope that she continues to entertain the masses for many years to come.
  • Her voice....wow

    A great person and i think she is underrated becuz she totaly rocks. She is so nice in real life! She made voyager to what it was....i think it\'s a shame that we don\'t see more of this talented woman with the most beautiful voice ever. I hope to see her someday again on tv.
  • An astouding performer

    I first saw Kate Mulgrew on the screen in Star Trek: Voyager playing the captivateing role of Captain Kathryn Janeway. A complete casting sucess for the portayal of the first female captain in an epic series. Her smaller roles however never seemed to do her justice. On June 19th, 2005 i went to see her off-broadway production of Tea at Five which recieved mixed reviews. It is a one woman show in which she portrays Kathryn Hepburn in her early and later stages in life. Critics raved over the actresses performence, yet were rather unimpressed by the script and altogether composition of the play. i must say that it was one of the most thoroughly enjoyable performances i have ever seen. Kate Mulgrew was borne to play this role and her perfected immitation and sheer talent amazed me. If the script was poor, she disguised it superbly. It is truely astounding what this woman can do. Tea at Five is currently on tour and information about the production can be found at katemulgrew.com
  • A Bad Review of a great woman :)

    I LOVE Kate Mulgrew, I was first introduced to her on the show \'Star Trek:Voyager\' and ever since she has been my favourite actress and is also one of the reasons I started to watch star trek. She is an inspirational character for me and I think she is a great actress.
    I\'d love to meet her one day and hopefully will be soon.

    P.S You\'ve Gotta love that voice.