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    • Kate: I come from a very large family. There were eight of us, and Mom and Dad. It was a very extraordinary life because it was not by any means normal, and very seldom healthy, if you can understand that. It was extremely Irish Catholic- raucous, loud, vital, devious. Irish Catholics are very devious, you'd better believe that right now. I'm giving you a clue into our true nature. Because of the religion which is overwhelming in our lives, and though I've abandoned that aspect, it still is, what shall I say. . . it's haunting. I was raised in a very spiritual manner. I was taught to believe in the soul and the heart; and the mind and the body were very secondary, if not unimportant.

    • Kate: (at age 23 and talking about family) I am ambitious. I'm the oldest daughter and my mother says the children all have a new game now. They sit around the table every Sunday morning discussing what they're going to do with my money. They come to my apartment in New York...every time I turn around someone is there.

    • Kate: (in the late 1970's at age 23) The kind of girl who gets overwhelmed by this sort of thing is somebody who wants instant stardom. I want to be a good actress. If I do it through Mrs. Columbo, great. If I do it through making a few dollars a week on the stage, great. I was very clear-headed when I got this offer. I was thrilled, but never for one moment did I shriek for joy about it.

    • Kate: (describing her character Mrs Columbo) I had my own clear ideas about Kate Columbo and the first script was rewritten for me. It was originally designed for a much older, much uglier woman. Not much fatter though.

    • Kate: (on her Star Trek character Capt. Janeway) I'd like to see much more physical bravery. She's an active verb, Janeway. She's not sedentary in any way. Her control notwithstanding on the bridge, which is imperative to the success of the ship, her instinct is to go with the away team, to be the first to confront the alien species, to be the first in the melee."

    • Kate: (on Star Trek Voyager) I think we have a uniformly gifted company of actors, but we have yet to find our theme. I would say the exploration of science will be the winning ticket here. There should be a level of unpredictability and mystery and suspense. We need to take it one step further and make space so delicious, so provocative, so interesting to people who don't even regard themselves as interested in space, to make it a bit like we all felt when the first astronauts walked on the moon.

    • Kate Mulgrew: (in Star Trek Voyager: Season One DVD Special Feature "Voyager Time Capsule: Captain Janeway") People often say to me, "Oh, well, now you're typecast. You're know, it's done -- you're Captain Janeway" and I say, "really? If that were the reality, it wouldn't be so shameful, would it?" She was a great character. I was, uh, very, very honored, very blessed to play her. And, uh, I'd do it again. I loved that chapter. I loved it.

    • Kate Mulgrew: (on the process she uses when she plays a fictional character as opposed to a 'true life' character) You're dealing with evidence. Forensics. I had so much to work with on Tea at Five. And I had 32 books and about 40 movies. And television interviews. One approaches it with a greater – much greater sense of responsibility. We are talking about someone who has lived. It must be honored in every respect.

    • Kate Mulgrew: (Thanking her fans) Thanks again for your ongoing support, your goodness and your unflagging allegiance. It never ceases to surprise, to delight, and to humble me.

    • Kate Mulgrew: (giving her opinion on death penalty) Execution as punishment is barbaric and unnecessary.

    • Kate Mulgrew: (speaking about abortion) Life is sacred to me on all levels. Abortion does not compute with my philosophy.

    • Kate Mulgrew: (on what she knew about Star Trek before she started work on it) Absolutely nothing. And I think now in hindsight that it stood me in good stead. I was absolutely ignorant of the process.