Kate Ritchie

Kate Ritchie


8/14/1978, Goulburn, New South Wales, Australia

Birth Name

Katherine Ritchie


  • Kate Ritchie as Sally in Home and Away
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Through her role on Home And Away, television viewers have watched Kate grow up in Summer Bay. She filmed the pilot of the show in 1987 and has been in the series ever since, in the role of Sally Fletcher. At only 22 years of age Kate could…more


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    • Kate: (on moving from television to radio) For 20 years I've told someone else's story and been given a script every day. What I found the hardest at first (on radio) is in some ways exposing yourself a little bit and telling your own story.

    • Kate: I've finally started to embrace that I've been on Home & Away for such a long time rather than worry about what it's going to do to my career. I'm certainly not ashamed of that and I'm not going to try to bury that, but it's been nice for people to see a bit more of me. The network has been great - they gave me time off to do radio and now It Takes Two.

    • Kate: (on the Logie Awards) For the first few years (of Home & Away) I wasn't invited. I remember so clearly - you know when you remember traumatic times in your life? - checking my pigeonhole and missing out on an invitation and there being tears at home. One year - I think it was 1990 - some of the crew had a lunch and they made out that it was in honour of me. And you know how you can get those mock Oscars made up? They made one of those for me and it says, "The best actress in Summer Bay, Kate Ritchie". I still have it on my bookcase.

    • Kate (on her role on Home & Away): I've got the best job in the world. It's my second family really. The show's viewers and I have grown together and I think they are as emotionally attached to Home & Away as I am.

    • Kate: (on the best Christmas present she's ever received) When I was eight, I got a pogo stick. I remember waking up on the night and sneaking out and being so excited, because it was exactly what I wanted.

    • Kate: (asked if she wants to start a family in the next five years) I guess so… maybe 10. I'm only 28 now, so there's no rush. I have a couple of friends who've had kids and, rather than making me go, 'That's exactly what I want to do', it's made me think now is not the right time.

    • Kate: (on It Takes Two) When the producers asked me, I certainly didn't jump at it. I thought, 'Do I really want to put myself out there?' There are all those thoughts of some kind of public humiliation. Then I thought, 'Take a chance'.

    • Kate: (the first person she ever kissed) It was while playing spin-the-bottle in sixth grade with a boy who's name escapes me. It was awful. I'm glad it got better with age!

  • Love your work Kate and can't wait to see you on Ch 9's new COPS LAC!

    Love your work Kate and can't wait to see you on Ch 9's new COPS LAC! The promos looks amazing and this could be your answer to another Logie.... After seeing you on Ch 9's underbelly I think you've made the transition to this genre perfectly. I also think that you suit this type of role and have the right attitude. I also think you made the right decisions leaving home and away when you did. You were at the top of your game and it was time for you to get out there and try new things!

    Keep it up!moreless
  • hi kate richie,oh you are so very beautiful.

    luv you kate,for so long now.i just saw her tears on tv towards leaving,shame shame ,i had no idea...i am not much of a fan to many ,but to you i have been always.dont leave us and the show.ya make me want to be the man i coulda been.you turned out just like pip.i thought you be married by now ...you are my favourite star...had a crush on you ever since i can remember...i joined just to say hi and oh you will be mist.well i am pleased i can have a say .goodbye sweetness ,my 2 girls adore you also.being a few years older i was able to really grasp you right through the show.moreless