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  • Great actress!

    Loved her in radio free roscoe… wish she'd do more because she's very talented. I know we'll see her making it big in Hollywood eventually. I heard her on Family Guy as well, pretty hilarious!!! I'll probably always think of her as Lily though, since that will be her most memorable role to me! I can still quote some of her lines from RFR to this day and I haven't watched it in forever!
  • A quick review of Kate Todd and her work on both the acting and musical sides of the coin.

    Kate Todd is an original, quirky, talented actress and musician who has quietly done her thing over the last few years. She first caught my eye playing the role of Lily(Shady Lane on the air) on "Radio Free Roscoe." Kate perfectly portrayed the girl-next-door character while adding some of her on flare to the role. To date her role as Lily, in my opinion, remains her best work on the small screen. However, she can also be seen displaying her originality on "Life With Derek." On the musical side of things, she rocks out to her own tunes and those of other on her guitar "Roscoe." Her music is much like her roles on tv- original, upbeat, and fun. She consistently maintains a funky and different vibe to her music. Kate Todd is a great role model for young women and girls everywhere.
  • A review about Kate Todd talking about the shows she's been on and will be guest staring soon.

    Kate Todd is a great actress. I first saw her in "The Strange Days at Blake Holsey High" as Cassie. The second time I saw her was in "Radio Free Roscoe" as Lily Randall as so known as Shady Lane. She's also going to guest star on "Life With Derek" her character's name is unknown at the moment. I think that she should keep acting and guest star in more Canadian - maybe even on Degrassi - shows and maybe even have her own show since "Radio Free Roscoe" ended after two seasons. Over all I wish to see her more on tv since she is a talented and beautiful actress.
  • Multi-talented girl!

    Kate is so awesome.
    She is talented, inteligent and beautiful.
    Kate is not only a very good actress, she is an amazing singer, song writer and musician.
    She has it all.
    Whatever she does,it is always great.
    I would deffinatly love to see her on the big screen someday.
    Kate Todd, remember the name, she will make it big. That is for sure.
  • amazing actress


    kate is soo talented in not only acting, but singing too. She also plays the guitar very well. I wish i could write songs & sing them & play the guitar along with it like her charcter Lily in Radio Free Roscoe. Shes a very important part of the show & shes just great. I will love to see more of her ---movies, more shows,singing career?--in the years to come. Whatever she does - i know it'll be GREAT!

    xox nicole