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  • So HOT this woman IS!!!

    This woman is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. I love the sweet personality she portrays on Grey's Anatomy. I just love her.
  • Great actress.

    Great in all she does.
  • Seriously overrated.

    So this actress goes from the Drew Carey Show to being such a popular actress on primetime television? How does that make any sense. Before, nobody would have known who Kate Walsh was. All of a sudden she is so talented? Sorry, but she is really overrated as an actress. I am not sure what people see in her acting ability, but to me, she's just average. She makes all these stupid faces and can't seem to be convincing when she is trying to be serious. Overall, I think she is overrated and isn't quite as good as people would like to believe. Thank you.
  • A terrific Actress

    I first saw her playing a lesbian on "Under the Tuscan sun", and then on "bewitched" and others, and it was hard not to notice her, even on a small role.

    But I rapidly became a fan of Kate Walsh after I saw her on Grey's Anatomy, I mean; we were supposed to hate her as she was the "nemesis" of the leading lady.

    But Kate showed something not many actresses have these days: Charm!
    She was so charming as Adisson, the cheating ex-wife, that we just had to love her. She took the character and made it hers. Her acting makes us relate to her, and feel her love, hate, sadness and fun. She is just a great actress to watch. I enjoy every episode she's in.

    And her looks? One word: Stunning!

    I can't wait to see what she can offer for the future.
  • Kate Walsh is just one of the hottest lady on the TV. She's obviously the reason why I see Private Practice. Can't live without seen her. She's so gorgeous and sexy. And such an excellent actress. She can make you feel anything and touch your heart.

    Since I first saw Kate Walsh on Gray's Anatomy, I've been keeping track of her in the serie. And quickly she became one of my favorite characters on GA. She started on the serie like this hot sophisticated woman with a strong personality treating poor Meredith with coldness and indifference. But then turn into this charming woman who only wants to save her marriage after screwing things but her husband's best friend Mark Sloan. When she left Gray's Anatomy, I said: "No way!" But later I've found out that she'll starring a spin-off, Private Practice. And guess what? She still is hot Dr. Montgomery but hotter and with a sexy tan.
  • Kate Walsh is awesome and beautiful!

    I have to say, i miss her on Grey's Anatomy, it is not the same thing without Kate Walsh there, she has her own show but on Grey's Anatomy she shined even more!
    she is an amazing,beautiful and sexy!
    I hope she keeps doing tv, it is def. her thing and her character dra. Addison is great!
    hopeful we will see her back on the serie, who knows?
    Kate deserves to be a bigger star. :)

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  • From Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice. Kate Walsh has hit it big time in her top scoring roles. She came in as Addison Shepherd and left as Addison Montgomery into Private Practice. Kate walsh is a fresh burst of laughter and joy to be around.

    Talk about great, Kate Walsh nails being the best character she plays in every part. Everytime She is seen, she is filled with laughter and humour. She would be your best friend and a joy in your life. I first officially recognised Kate Walsh in the hit Tv drama "Grey's Anatomy" but I first saw her in a tv sitcom named "Eyes". She played a brilliant character there an I fell in love with her character played as 'Addison' on Grey's. I enjoy watching her work because I know that I'm in for a good show. Keep it up Kate. You have drawn a lot of attention from everyone. You are my favourite character and my favourite person.
  • I love her.

    The first time I ever saw/heard of Kate Walsh was her first appearance on Grey's Anatomy and I have to admit... I did hate her for several episodes after she first appeared, mostly because she broke up Meredith and Derek. But, then over time I grew to love her. She's an amazing and gorgeous actress and I can't believe that I used to hate her. She has a wonderful personality, from what I have seen from gag reels and interviews, which to me is important for actors/actresses.

    She is able to act well, in all situations and I'm so happy for her now that she has her own show, Private Practice.
  • kate walsh is the best actress ever!!!

    Beautiful, funny, smart and really really down to earth!
    There´s no woman in entertainment this days as beautiful and talented as she is. Addison Montgomery is by far the most appealing character this days in Hollywood!.
    Kate Walsh Rules Babe! She has acomplished so much this year, when she started on Greys, she was only up for 5 epis, she managed to became a regular on the show, a fan favorite, and now she has her own show, lots job offers, a cadillac comercial and a rich husban, Alex Young, president of The 20th Century Fox.
    Also she made People´s hottest women list and Maxim´s.
  • Kate Walsh is hot !!!

    Kate Walsh is known for her role as Dr. Addison Montgomery in the drama series Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice. She plays the ex-wife of Derek Shepherd "Dr. McDreamy", played by Patrick Dempsey.First i didn´t like her because i thought she is mean and is only messing around but now she is one of the best characters in Grey´s Anatomy and definitely the hottest. She is such a beautiful and good looking woman, it was unbelievable for me to find out that she is 39 years old. I couldn´t believe it but then i realized that that make her even more attracting because she is a real woman and not a girly. Greys Anatomie is one of my favourite series beside Desperate Housewives, Gilmore Girlz, Monk and Prison Break(my number 1). For me she is the most wonderful WOMAN in the world !!!
  • azome actor

    ok kate plays a azome addison those too were like meant to be cause she plays her so good..in the begining i really didnt like her character in greys anatomy because u know like she messy everything up but then as the episodes go on u start to see y she does it and start luving her charater, now if u as me if i like her character i would say hexy yeah seriously... also she is a wonderful actor oh i have lie recently checked her biography and it says that she had played some role in the drew carey show but i wonder who she played cause i wached most of the episodes and i didnt see her she also was in Kicking and Screaming, Under the Tuscan Sun, After the Sunset, Inside Out, and The Family Man.
  • fdjhfx

    Born in San Jose, California and raised both there and in Tucson, Arizona, Kate Walsh began her career in Chicago, studying at the renowned Piven Theatre Workshop. She then starred in theatrical productions of the critically acclaimed “Born Guilty,” “Moon Under Miami” and “Troilus and Cressida” at the Shakespeare Repertory.

    In Chicago Walsh was cast in her first two independent films, “Normal Life,” directed by John McNaughton, and “Henry, Portrait of a Serial Killer II.”

    The actress’ career quickly took off with a move to New York for comedy and improvisation training. She landed series regular roles on “The Mike O’Malley Show” (ABC), “Mind of a Married Man” (HBO) and “The Drew Carey Show” (ABC). Walsh recently co-starred opposite Will Ferrell and Robert Duvall in the feature film “Kicking and Screaming.” Her other feature credits include “Under the Tuscan Sun,” “After the Sunset,” “Inside Out” and “The Family Man.”
  • The hottest doctor ever

    Kate Walsh HAS to be one of the hottest woman on earth, and besides, she's a fantastic actress.
    Grey's anatomy is one of my favorite serie and the reason i started seeing it was thanks to this megabomb red haired hottie ( I started seeing the serie from the second season). She may be a little bit old, but she seems as thought she's in her 30's. Great body, great face, great personality, this singular woman is worthy of beeing seen more and i really hope she starts doing more movies or be more important in the serie of grey's anatomy.
  • gorgeous!

    Ms. Walsh is one of my all time favorites! I first saw her in karen sisco, even though she was just a guest, she did phenominal!

    Her most famous role has got to be as Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery- Shepherd, well now it's w/o the Shepherd! haha... I absolutely love her in Grey's! but she's leaving soon for her spin-off, I really don't want her to leave but i guess a spin-off will make her career blossom even more.

    She's one of the most talented actors in hollywood today. She's very versatile, beautiful, and unendingly hilarious!

    She's also very kind and has an amazing personality. she always has the best stories in her interviews.

    I'm sure Kate Walsh will be even more successful in the years to come.
  • Kate is gorgeous and such a talented actress!

    I personally love Kate Walsh. She was amazing in Under The Tuscan Sun (along with Grey's co-star Sandra Oh). I've seen every one of her talk show interviews and she's an extremely hilarious person. She's so gorgeous and Addison is my favorite character on Grey's. She plays her really well, and she always looks hot in whatever she's wearing. She seems like a really nice person in real life as well; I'd kill to meet her. Kate is just an amazingly talented actress, and I think she should become a huge star one day. She definitely has what it takes and she deserves the stardom.
  • She is everything you want to see on TV...

    Kate is a person that when you see her you feel instantly happy, she is such a great and talented actress; when I first saw her on "Grey's Anatomy" I didn't like her character at all, but when they started to develope it and Kate had the chance to show how well she could act, her character became the best of the series (at least for me, hehe!). Kate was also in a movie with Sandra Oh, she nailed the part too, Kate is perfect, hehe! OK, besides, she is very pretty and smart, and I've heard she is a nice person too, it would be a great deal to meet her some day. She is the best!
  • Kate Walsh is the best!!!

    Kate Walsh is the best!!!

    I love her, she's my hero SERIOUSLY!!! I'm so happy that she continues in grey's anatomy the whole season, because without her that show wouldn't be the same!!! I love Addie because she's smart, sarcastic, funny, kind and classy...and I just hope she's stays forever in the show. Finally, i want to say that Kate Walsh is so talent and great, she is doing an amazing job with her character, because she converted her character in a fan favorite and that's really amazing!!! hope she wins an Emmy next year, because she really deserves it!!!
  • ...Yeah...well Kate Walsh is like my hero...

    Kate Walsh is a very talanted actor....and is also pretty funny...if you've ever seen her on Conan or Ellen, you would probably get why...she is also awesome on Grey's Anatomy...which I'm going to watch in exactly 25 minutes...so Kate Walsh...love her...hate Addison...(which I don't but a lot of ppl do)...
  • My favorite Dr. Montgomery-Shepherd quotes...

    Actually I prefer to be called Ruler of all that is Evil but I will answer to Satan. ~ Actually I need the day off, for drinking. I am feeling the need to do some drinking. Actually I feeling the need to do some crying but my tear ducts seem to be too proud, so I am going to do some drinking instead. I think God knows that I need to do some drinking today. ~ Did you know about the slutty sex, your slutty friend had with my super slutty husband. ~ I may be beyond help. ~ You bellowed Dr. Grey?? ~ The only people that don’t know Derrick loves Meredith are Derrick and Meredith. How do I compete with that?? ~ I made what can only be considered a transcontinental booty call ~ Why did you bring a rainbow trout into the trailer?? ~ Satan has a sense of humor. ~ A gathering of men outside a delivery room. How mid-century of you. ~ Hey, hey, hey don’t question the cocoa.
  • Kate Walsh is a talented person who works very hard. She is amazing on Greys Anatimy.

    Kate Walsh is a talented person who works very hard. She is amazing on Greys Anatimy. The character is fun to watch and very relatable. I very much enjoy her as a person and she is very good looking. I hope that she will not ends up with the character of Derik. Kate is a great person and I very much enjoy watching her every week. I cant wait for season 3 of her show. It will be fun to see if it can compeate with the other shows that are on Thursdays like CSI and the new shows. But I think that Kate can do it.
  • Kate is so hot

    kate walsh soon became my favorite charater on greys even though a lot of people i talked to don't like here because she broke off the doc mcdreamy and meradieth relationship up. but for me i like kate because she is hot and she can act. she is one of my all time favoirte actress. she is very talented. she is hot sexy cute. and she is one the hottest tv show right know. she is soon to hit the famouse mark of here charater on greys. she is know for that role and she has been i other roles to but she is most famous for this one. thanks kate for taking on the role as dr. addison shepard.