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  • A terrific Actress

    I first saw her playing a lesbian on "Under the Tuscan sun", and then on "bewitched" and others, and it was hard not to notice her, even on a small role.

    But I rapidly became a fan of Kate Walsh after I saw her on Grey's Anatomy, I mean; we were supposed to hate her as she was the "nemesis" of the leading lady.

    But Kate showed something not many actresses have these days: Charm!
    She was so charming as Adisson, the cheating ex-wife, that we just had to love her. She took the character and made it hers. Her acting makes us relate to her, and feel her love, hate, sadness and fun. She is just a great actress to watch. I enjoy every episode she's in.

    And her looks? One word: Stunning!

    I can't wait to see what she can offer for the future.