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    • On September 2008, Walsh was elected to serve on the national governing board of the Screen Actors Guild for three years.

    • Her father is Irish while her mother, Angela, is Italian. Angela is a breast cancer survivor. She has two older sisters and two older brothers, Sean and Joe, who are both filmmakers.

    • Kate Walsh is often compared to Catherine Deneuve (an icon of French cinema) so much so that it was written into an episode of Grey's Anatomy where a patient's husband becomes fascinated with Walsh's character because of the resemblance.

    • Kate appears in public service announcements for the Narcolepsy Network's awareness campaign. She also supports pet adoption and cut the ribbon for the new dog adoption center in Times Square called Pedigree(R) Dogstore in February 2008.

    • In January 2008, Kate Walsh participated in a video for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama called, "Yes We Can", produced by will.i.am.

    • List Appearances & Rankings:
      • No.38, AIM.com's 50 Hottest Redheads
      2007 - No.52, Maxim's Hot 100
      2007 - No.71, FHM's 100 Sexiest Women in the World
      2007 - No.2, Sexiest Female Doctor, TV Guide's "The Sexy Issue"
      2008 - No.26, AfterEllen.com's Hot 100 List
      2009 - listed, People magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People, Beautiful at Every Age (at 41)
      2009 - listed, TV Guide's Sexiest Females

    • In 2007, Kate won an SAG Award along with the rest of the Grey's Anatomy cast for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. They were also nominated in 2006 and 2008.

    • In 2007, Kate became the new spokeswoman for Cadillac. In 2009, she appeared in the commercials for the 2010 Cadillac CTS Sport Wagon. She is also an endorser of Caress' Exotic Oil Infusions.

    • Kate and her fiancé, movie executive Alex M. Young got married on September 1, 2007 in a sunset ceremony at Ojai Valley Inn & Spa in California. Young filed for divorce on December 11, 2008 citing irreconcilable differences.

    • One of Kate's tricks to beautiful, moisturized skin is applying a thin layer of plain Vaseline to her skin every night.

    • In November 2006, Kate has been dating someone in the industry but she wished for him to remain anonymous. She dated actor Dave Annable in 2007.

    • Along with the rest of the cast from Grey's Anatomy, Kate can be seen in the Ford Cares, Warriors in Pink 2006 ads to raise funds for Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation and help in breast cancer awareness.

    • Kate was slated to appear in the movie 1408 (based on a novel by Stephen King) but had to decline due to scheduling conflicts with Grey's Anatomy.

    • She drives a 1985 Aston Martin convertible, which she bought mainly due to the influence of her Grey's Anatomy onscreen ex-husband, Patrick Dempsey.

    • Earlier in her career, Kate performed in a radio play production of Born Guilty broadcast by National Public Radio.

    • Nancy Pimental, Kate's best friend, wrote the movie The Sweetest Thing, stating that the female characters were based on herself and Kate. Walsh appears on the special features section of the movie's DVD.

    • Kate was arrested and spent one night in jail for throwing a cue ball at a mirror in a bar.

    • In 2006, Kate appeared on The Late, Late Show with Craig Ferguson. She had previously starred with Ferguson in The Drew Carey Show, where she wore a fat suit as Nicki Fifer.

    • Kate is 5' 10" (1.78 m) tall. She has grey eyes and naturally blonde, but she typically dyes her hair red for her roles.

    • Film and TV Movie Credits:
      Upright Citizens Brigade: Asssscat (2008) as Guest Monologist
      Veritas, Prince of Truth (2007) as Nemesii
      Bewitched (2005) as Sexy Waitress
      Inside Out (2005) as Tyne
      Bobby Cannon (2005) as London
      Wake Up, Ron Burgundy: The Lost Movie (2004) as Sue
      A Day in the Life of Nancy M. Pimental (2002) as Kate
      Anatomy of a Breakup (2002) as Lorra
      The Family Man (2000) as Jeannie
      Three Below Zero (1998) as Moirat
      Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Part 2 (1998) as Cricket
      Night of the Lawyers (1997) as Pressie Brooks (Biker)
      Peppermills (1997) as Lena
      Normal Life (1996) as Cindy Anderson

    • In the 2002 New York International Independent Film & Video Festival, Walsh was awarded with the Best Actress in a Short Film for Model Trapper.

  • Quotes

    • Aside from the ones below, more quotes are found on the Quips & Quotes thread in the forum.

    • Kate: (on her success at a late age) If this all had happened to me when I was 25, I would have been shaving my head and driving over people's feet.

    • Kate: I've tried everything, and the only diet that ever worked for me was Weight Watchers, which I did a long time ago. I'm a girl who enjoys eating. But I do believe in moderation and portion control. It's all anybody needs! I love chocolate, and just a little bit goes a long way.

    • Kate: (on choosing between McSteamy or McDreamy, her onscreen partners in "Grey's Anatomy") It's like asking 'Which do you like better: chocolate or caramel?' They're so delicious in their own ways. I really love both of them.

    • Kate: I definitely enjoy being a redhead because it's really who I am: a little bit feisty, fun and strong.

    • Kate: At 14, I was fired from Burger King. I had a runny nose and the assistant manager didn't like me!

    • Kate: (on when she got the call about her own spin-off, following her stint on "Grey's Anatomy") Whenever I got a call from Shonda's assistant, I'm like, 'Am I in trouble?' I always assume I'm in trouble - it still feels a little like being called to the principal's office.

    • Kate: (on working out) I was supposed to do Pilates this morning. I got as far as putting the sports bra on. Then I realized there was no way I was about to drive through traffic and go to the gym. No. So I threw my bathrobe on over the bra and read the paper. Sometimes I hope that through osmosis I might get a workout — just by wearing the clothes.

    • Kate: (on hot doctors in real life) There was a chiropractor I had to stop going to because he would take away my pain and he was the most gorgeous man in the world.

    • Kate: (on her teen U2 worshipping years) I was going to be Mrs. Bono. It was all very proper. I loved his music so I loved him. I didn't want to have a torrid love affair, I wanted to marry him.

    • Kate: (whether she'd make a good doctor in real life) I think so. I can fake deliver a baby! I'm kind of a perfectionist and really like to be the best that I can at anything, but I think I'm probably absolutely far too lazy to go through eight or twelve years of medical school.

    • Kate: (comparing herself to her character on "Grey's Anatomy") I identify with Addison's extremes. The black and white she has - being incredibly efficient and professional at her job, then the other face of being a little insecure and competitive.

    • Kate: (on her many lesbian roles) That's the fun thing about being an actress: You get to do things you wouldn't normally do — like be a lesbian…Do I give off a girl-on-girl vibe, I wonder? Or is it because I'm tall? I guess the chicks just dig me!

    • Kate: (on shoes) I probably have, like, 100 pairs of shoes. That's a pretty healthy shoe situation. I keep them in boxes with Polaroids on the front. That's how much of a shoe weirdo I am.

    • Kate: (on "Grey's Anatomy" going against "CSI") Yeah, I was nervous. CSI is a great show--I was in it! But they are two different animals. There's room for both of us. You know, that's why we have the TiVo.

    • Kate: (on people thinking that she's a real doctor) It's probably because I have a bossy personality. I'm a little bit of a control freak. You put on the white coat and you sound like you know what you're talking about.