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  • One of the Best Actresses of all time!


    If you hear or read the name Kate Winslet, what is the first thing that comes out into your mind? Titanic? Well, I can't blame you since it's the most famous film she've done and the most successful movie created. Sexy? Why not? At least 70% of the movies she's in are exceptionally made for art and damn too sexy. Yes, she appeared nude but they were done artistically and a statuette named Oscar(s) is a proof. English Rose? Hell yes! She's every inch a treasure of England and the whole British Isles. You bet, in a few years from now, she'll be known as Dame Kate Elizabeth Winslet. And to top it all, one of the best actresses of all time, I repeat, all time!

  • A very good actress.

    This actress is one great actress. Kate Winslet is by far one of the best actresses today. I best remember her for her work in the movie Titanic. I think she was great in that one and it was her best piece of work. Her other works are good, although I haven't seen most of her movies. She really is attractive and has a sense of warm charm that not to many actresses have in this day and age. I still think that Kate is really an elite actress even if she hasn't been in the biggest movies with the exception to Titanic. Thank you.
  • Great!

    Kate Winslet is great. I have liked her for a long time mostly because of her outstanding acting! Titanic was a masterpiece, the Holiday was marvelous, and Finding Neverland was hear-warming. Although I haven't seen her in current pictures lately, you don't see her in the scandal sheets and thats what I admire!
  • Po pierwszej wielkiej roli w Tytanicu zaimponowala mi swoja osobną jak również i sposobem gry. Sądze ze na wiele ją stać i najlepsze jeszcze przed nami.Polecam gorąco The Holiday. Wspaniała komedia romantyczna ..nie tylk

    Bardzo ładna i naturalna aktorka. Wypłyneła grą w Tytanicu..zreszta chyba nie ma osoby której by nie zachwyciła grana przez siebie postacią. W ostatnim filmie The Holiday ( który jest komedia romantyczna nie tylko dla Pań) również pokazał wielką klase i urok. Również bardzo zachwyciła mnie w filmie Rozwazna i Romantyczna. Musze szzceze przyznac ze bardzo jej do twarzy w XVIII wiecznych kieckach i fryzurach. Jak widac potrafi odnaleźć się w kazdej epoce :). Ma bardzo oryginalną urodę. Uważam ze mimo swych krągłości ma wiele wdzięku, i mimo wszystko duzą dawke subtelności której powinny zazdroscic jej inne aktorki. Pozdrawiam gorąco odwiedzajacych :)
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    Kate Winslet is such a talented actress who has proven that she can do drama as well as comedy. She has certainly chosen some top notch roles in her career, but she has also chosen some duds. As she grows up, I hope to see her take on even more adult roles so that she can prove just how good of an actress she is.
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    Kate Winslet is one unique and talented actress. I have seen her in a lot of different roles, from the sweet rich girl in "Titanic" to "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" which she was awesome in those roles too. I think that what makes her different, is that she acts in a lot of different roles, she just not only sticks to comedy or drama, and that is why I like her basically.
  • She has 'Flushed Away'...

    Kate is very beautiful. She acted in many dramas and a little comedies. She is probably best known in an amazing movie 'Titanic'!!!! She acted with many cool stars such as Leonardo Di Caprio, Hugh Jacman, Jimm Carrey and so on...Her newest voice role is a girly rat in ;Flushed Away'...
  • I first saw Kate in Titanic and she an absolutely wonderful wonderful actress! It makes me so mad that she hasn't won an oscar!

    I first saw Kate in Titanic. And, WOW! Rose is such a difficult character to play and she did it to perfection. I have not seen any of her other films. But her talent in Titanic just makes me wanna see Finding Neverland so badly!!!
    Kate is just amazing and I want to see it so badly!!!
    Kate is so underused. With people like Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson (who are terrible actresses) covering the newspapers, Kate Winslet is not really a household name. Kate is twice the actress and twice the person then Jessica and Paris put together. Kate Winslet is my other idol and the actress I look up to. She is just so down-to-earth and honest.
  • So beautiful inside and out!

    I love Kate! She has complete warmth and is soooo classy but so down to earth. She's a great actress. She was great in TITANIC. I'm usually into Avril so you can imagine for someone like Kate to move me, she has to be REAL. Kate Winslet is and more.
  • The Titanic Was BEAUTIFUL!

    She was in the Titanic and she was marvelous. She did such a good job with co-star Leonardo DiCapro. It was such and enchanting movie and makes me wanna see it again. I love that movie! I LUV THAT MOVIE! I LOVE THAT MOVIE!!!! I wanna watch it right now...