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  • The potential of this girl is enormous.

    Taking in mind predominately the work she did on BSG, this woman is one talented energy-filled, smart, adaptable actress. Within the series she is the only one that managed to carry the range of normal to borderline psychotic with relative ease, i.e. believability. Her smile can be as seductive as dangerous and her emotions off the scale. As for her work in the new Bionic Woman, she was so incredibly badly written that it was a crime - now, as SHE was the Bionic Woman, I could see the series still being on the screen today.
    In any case, I do hope she decides on winging it with a couple of well written movies rather than sticking to TV because the potential she has is enormous and I can absolutely see her being a huge star if she plays her cards right and gets a couple of right roles.
    Along with Summer Glau from Terminator, definitely the young actress that impressed me the most in last 5 years of television.