Katelyn Tarver





11/2/1989 , Glenville, Georgia

Birth Name

Katelyn Marie Tarver




Born November 2, 1989 in the small down south town of Glennville, Georgia, Katelyn Marie Tarver has had many experiences that some only dream of. Kim and Kenny Tarver believe their daughter will make it big. Katelyn has three siblings, including Drew Tarver, a senior at Pinewood Christian Academy. Katelyn also attends Pinewood Christian Acadmey, and is a varsity cheerleader, an active gymnast, and displays vocal skills and dancing abilities that make her far from a mediocre performer at anything she does. Last summer on "American Juniors," Katelyn's younger sister, Amanda Tarver, sang a short segment of "Rock'in Robin." Like her sister, Amanda is also a student at Pinewood Christian Academy, an active gymnast, and performer in the Glennville Productions. Jake Tarver, Katelyn's youngest brother, also attends Pinewood Christian Acadamey, but has yet to follow in the family's performer footsteps. From the guitar playing dad to the vocalist mom (music group Seraphim sings at the family's church and around Glennville)to the kids, the Tarvers are far from famous but they're getting there, Katelyn Marie Tarver is taking the first step.