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    We Like To Keep In Contact With Kat And Kepp Things Up To Date. Katerina Graham Famously Known For Her Amazing Rings And The Role Of Bonnie Bennett In The Vampire Diaries. She Is Amazingly Genuine And A True Role Model For Us Teens, She's A True Angel And Your Super Lucky If You've Ever Had The Chace To Meet Someone So Pure At Heart


    At 19, Katerina Graham was the Fanta Girl, “Capri” (strawberry). Fanta (a product made by Coca Cola), had an international campaign in which you could see this teen across the globe. From the silver screen to the big screen, this young entertainer brings you in.
    From the lead in 112’s “What If” video, alongside Akon’s video “Mr. Lonely,” K.G. (as her friends call her) has also appeared in “Salt Shaker” with Lil’ Jon; John Legend’s “Used to Love You,” and Floetry’s “Wanna Be Where You Are.” Also a professional dancer KG has worked with such artists as Missy Elliott, Pharrell Williams, Jamie Foxx, My Chemical Romance, Bow Wow and more. Also choreographers such as Fatima, Hi Hat, Michael Rooney, Travis Payne, and Dave Scott, this classically trained dancer is inspired by Tina Landon’s earlier work with Janet. “There was such a vision, ” says Katerina.
    Born in Geneva, Switzerland, Katerina started working at age 6, from Barbie commercials to Disney’s Lizzie McGuire. Her recent television shows include guest star appearances on CBS’ CSI, Fox’s The O.C., The WB’s Grounded for Life, Fox’s Malcom in the Middle, CBS’s Joan of Arcadia, Lifetime’s Strong Medicine and more. At 11, she shot The Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan. “It was cool just for the experience. I’m grateful.” At 14, had her own TV show on Disney called Movie Surfers where she interviewed the likes of Denzel Washington and Bruce Willis. Also under her belt is a degree in recording engineering. “As an artist I feel it’s important to know all the aspects of your craft.” Her goal seems to be to bring the world to its knees. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing you to Katerina.