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    • Katerina: (On the sound of her first album) that's really the sound of the album – old school Janet with a modern production behind it. Taking it back to the early 90's with a melodic, playful sound. And "Sassy" has always been my sound - the way I sing, the way I rap, the way I live. Anyone who knows me knows what I'm about – how much I'm into empowerment, equal rights and everyone just loving themselves.

    • Katerina: (On if the second season of The Vampire Diaries will pick up where the first left off) Yep it's pretty insane. And I will say that Bonnie is really, really tough in the first episode back. She is not playing around. Bonnie will eff you up if you mess with her! She is also going to have to deal with Katherine. And that's a whole new beast. Literally.

    • Katerina: (On how Bonnie will change in the second season of The Vampire Diaries) She's going to become even stronger. But it's important she stay vulnerable too. You don't want someone to raise hell with no motivation behind it. You can never forget the loss of a loved one and I don't think she'll ever get over losing her grams. That was her rock to this world. She wouldn't do anything simply out of a hate for vampires. I don't think she could ever justify that.

    • Katerina: (On her style)I am more vintage than I a high fashion. I love Lady GaGa, but I would never try and go into her lane. She's brilliant. But what I do love is the image of Grace Jones, David Bowie and Janet. The sound of my music is 90's dance pop meets future, so I want to incorporate that in my fashion.

    • Katerina: (If she is similar to her character Bonnie on The Vampire Diaries) I think what the producers and writers might have seen is that, the way we are with people are very similar. We have a good heart- I hope I have a good heart like Bonnie! But we're very selfless and very generous, and giving, and open, and down to earth. Our vibes are a little different in real life. She is very much a hippy style and I'm more fashionista style and a bit more fierce and more brave in terms of my personal style and more brave in terms of things that I say and the things that I do. And I don't know if Bonnie would say the things I do, just yet. She might become more that person, but right now she is more quiet and more stay out of trouble person and I'm not.

    • Katerina: I don't ever unwind. My work is my peace. If I'm not working I'm not at peace.

    • Katerina: The hard times inspire me to create music. The great times. Love and heartbreak. It's made me driven to want to create great music that will make people happy and feel strong.

    • Katerina: (in a 2009 interview) Because of my age, the roles that I'm in doesn't have as much depth as I would like, but that will change. Halle Berry, Angelina Jolie, they play heavy, meaty roles, which are the sort that I want to play…because of what I look like, I play with my looks, which is cool, but I've done it so many times. But one day I would love to play against my looks.

    • Katerina: (on bad days) I eat cheeseburgers, call my mom, and hang out with my dog. But I know whatever makes me sad won't last long. I've had the same friends for years and they always cheer me up.

    • Katerina: (in a 2009 interview) I do love the whole bright sneakers, gold ropes, and ray bans but when it feels trendy or less individualized it bugs me a bit. To dress 80s to be hip instead of it really being your steez, exploits the movement.

    • Katerina: (on the motto she lives by): 'What would you attempt to do, if you knew you could not fail?'

    • Katerina: (advice to aspiring artists/models/singers; in a May 2009 interview) My advice is to work hard. I've been in the industry for 15 years and am just now seeing my work come to light. Be patient and never wait on anyone to hand you anything. Go out and get it for yourself.

    • Katerina: (on her wackiest fan encounter) When I met some fans in Paris these three girls couldn't even talk. They were crying the whole time. It was really sweet and oddly humbling. Also when these guys dressed as me as a Fanta girl for Halloween…that was interesting.

    • Katerina: I have always had identity theft, in my personal life as well as my professional life and I still get shocked by every person who does it to me. The damage that it can cause and the selfish delusional people that take the time to do it to me. I LOVE ALL OF MY FANS and anyone that would take an interest into the work that I have made my life long obsession, but being a fan is one thing, identity theft is another.

    • Katerina: My background is one that is so varied, I've never been one to check for what the next person is doing. My circumstances and my mind have set me apart and I will never blend in.

    • Katerina: I'm trying to have old fashion values about the way I approach my career. I hope I can be a good role model because there's not that many positive young female stars out there.

    • Katerina: (in a March 2009 interview) I'm an extremely hands-on person. I hate to say it this way, but we're still in a time when there's not that many roles for African-American women. It's competitive. So I write a lot of scripts and try to put myself out there or I'm working on acting scripts that I've received. My manager tells me to relax. That's always gonna be a part of me, that hustler mentality. I don't want to ever rely on anyone for my career. I want to help a lot of people and I can't do that if my hands are out pleading for help.

    • Katerina: I do my own thing. I'm very much in the paradox of things. I enjoy the little things in life, what's big is small and what's small is big. It might not be the coolest thing to do, but it's important to me.