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  • Shes the real deal ! On the best show on TV !

    This show changed my view of scripted TV... I now know it's possible to loose my self in a world I'm not in when that world has an incredibly tasty story line and well Jax.. I'm hungry for the new season hurry ! FYI Gemma's characters become more dynamic and hotter with her new lover Jimmy Smits
  • One of best

    I loved Married With Children, one of best comedies ever, but I didn't think Katey Sagala was that great actress. She did good in 8 simple rules and Futurama, even in some shows where she was a guest star. But none of that made me think about her as a great drama actress. Until I saw her performance as Gemma in Sons of Anarchy. She is surely one of top 5 best actresses on TV in this moment.
  • Great mutipurpuse actor.

    One of the best.
  • Brilliant Beauty

    Katey Sagal is a brilliant actress, singer and songwriter. Often under rated because of her past role in Married With Children Ms. Sagal truly shines when she is allowed to. Whether in her voice over work in many films and televisions series or playing the pinnacle of strength in Sons of Anarchy, Katey is a quality star and force to be reckoned with in Hollywood.
  • Superb, beautifl actress.

    Katey Sagal is such an amazing actress. She has proved that she can succeed in both comedy and drama, notably her hillarious role as Peg Bundy in 'Married With Children' and her extraordinary performance as Gemma in 'Sons of Anarchy'. Such a great singer too! I was so moved by her portryal of Gemma, especially with the aftermath of her rape in the second season of SOA. I don't understand why she has never been nominated for her performance as Peg, but i'm very glad that she has been nominated for a Golden Globe this year because I think she truly deserves it.
  • talented

    Katey Sagal is perhaps best known for playing Peggy "Peg" Bundy on Married... With Children, and whilst I do like her in that role, I also like her role as Turanga Leela in Futurama. I find her funnier and much more interesting in that role than playing a housewife on TV. I also liked what I saw of her in 8 Simple Rules, but I have only seen two episodes of that show. She seemed good though. Overall she is a very funny and talented actress, and I look forward to seeing more of her in shows and movies, such as new episodes of Futurama
  • Fantastic actress

    Katey Segal, to me was always the funny one from Married... With Children, and when she did the send off In Futurama (in which she voiced one eyed mutant Leela) it was such a perfect parody. Katey is a multi talented actress who always makes her character her own, (Peg, Leela, and Helen from Lost to name a few) She should certainly have her own shows, and be on the tv more, as she was certainly funny, and sexy in all things she does. She has prooved she can do more than comedy and should get out on the silver screen more.
  • It\'s a privelege to call you \"bud,\" to this day.

    Long ago in a restaurant far away, we all knew another life. Since this has to be 100 words, I need to keep going. It was the \'70s. There was singing involved, not acting. And insanity. And celebs. Wilt Chamberlain, Jack LaLaine, Oingo Boingo, and many more. It was a time to hook up musically with friends who would remain in our lives to this day. Only twenty five words to go. Anyway, that\'s right. Thirty plus years ago. Fifteen words and counting. I know this is a very long shot, but this is actually a message for Katey.

    Katey, Lothar is looking for you. struffandterry.com.
  • Katey Sagal is great.

    Katey Sagal is one of the best actresses of all time. How many actors can you think of that had 3 successful TV sitcoms, everyone even better than the last. She is hilarious, and a great singer and actress. In my opinion she is the best actress ever.

    Futurama is possibly the best show ever, Married... with Children is a classic, and untill John Ritter died (and even after) 8 Simple Rules was one of the best shows of its time.
  • A great actress

    One word awesome . Is the only way I can think to describe Katey Segal . She a great actress an takes guff from no one . So if any guys cross her path just remember don't piss her off she will knock the crap out of you . If you do not belive me than try an find out for yourself and don't say I didn't warn you . So if you end up in the hospital because you pissed off Katey Segal than you deserve so . There you go that is what I think about Katey Segal .

    Written By : Sean Solomon

    Hope Mills , NC
  • She plays the co star on futurama.

    She is great on futurama. i never new the voice she does for leela is her real voice. On some of the shows i watched, she was amazing. Again her normal talking voice is the same voice she used on futurama. Katie should have been a bigger star. She is on alot of tv shows.
  • Katey Sagal (Some times credited as Katey O' Sagal) Is a comic writer, singer and actress.

    Katey Sagal (Sometimes credited as Katey o' Sagal) Has been in 'Futurama' (Voice of Lela, a one eyed mutant), 8 Simple Rules for Dating My Teenage Daughter (Playing Cate), Married... with Children (Playing Peg), and more. She has also sung 'Life goes around', 'Wish I was a kid' and more. She also sung on Olivia: Soul Kiss (1986) and got on the Heroes of Comedy: Women on Top (2003) and got to No. 1 (!!!) on The Five: Hottest Female TV Personalities over 50. She was born on 19 January, 1954 in Hollywood, California, USA. She is also sometimes credited as Catherine Louise Sagal / Katie Sagal / Katey Sagall / Katey Sagel. Stop The Pressers! Futurama V is in post production for 2007!!!
  • She is a superb actress!

    She is a great voice actor of Leela on Futurama and a great Peg Bundy on Married...with Children.
    She was also a pretty good Cate Hennessy on 8 Simple Rules. She is one of my favorites. Overall, she is a person that is great in comedy, but can be good in drama, as well.
  • Katey is a great actress that deserves a lot more roles. She would be awesome in comedy,but excels in dramas also. People may know her as Peg,but she is just Katey Sagal,a very talented actress and singer.

    Katey is a great actress that deserves a lot more roles. She would be awesome in comedy,but excels in dramas also. People may know her as Peg,but she is just Katey Sagal,a very talented actress and singer.She deserves more shows and films,maybe even a film on the silver screen. As I said before,she is talented,pretty,and deserves a lot more.