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  • I don't understand why people are giving her such low scores.

    Kath Soucie is a very talented voice actress. She is very talented andn stars in sveral shows, including: Dexter's lab, The Replacements, The Weekenders, and Danny Phantom. She plays such a wide variety of characters and they don't sound anything alike. I just don't understand why people are giving her such low scores, she is very talented and desirves to be reconized for her talent. I have read some of the people's reviews who have given her low scores and most of them say that they find her voice anoying or that she is overused. I do not find any of her voices annoying (I don't understand how someone could say that her voice is annoying because she plays so many voices) and their are several other voice actors who are used alot and are still considered to be great, like Jeff Bernett, Tara Strong, Jennifer Hale... I think that Kath is great and very talented.
  • Truly amazing!

    Kath Soucie is one of the voice actors that I have loved ever since I was little. I like how she can do voices for both males and females of any ages. Some of my favorite characters she voices are: Dexter's mom in Dexter's Laboratory, Lola Bunny in Space Jam, Phil Lil and Betty from Rugrats and All Grown Up, Wendy in Return to Never Land, Miriam Pataki in Hey Arnold: The Movie, XJ4 and XJ5 in My Life as a Teenage Robot, Blake Gripling in As Told By Ginger, and (of course) Maddie Fenton and Box Lunch from Danny Phantom. Kath also does some additional voices in some of my other favorite shows, but I don't have the time or patience to mention them all, lol.
  • She's Fifi LaFume!

    The review title says it all! She is the voice of Fifi LaFume, my personal favorite character on Tiny Toon Adventures! I am blessed with Kath Soucie, because not only is she a terrific voice actress, she really owns this role! I think it's the best role she's ever done! No one does Fifi better than Kath Soucie! I think Kath Soucie deserves an award for this role! Heck, I know she's most famous for doing the voice of Phil and Lil on Rugrats, but Fifi LaFume is my favorite of all her characters! Some of her other roles that I like is Sally Acorn on Sonic the Hedgehog, Lola Bunny in Space Jam, and Dexter's Mom on Dexter's Laboratory! All I can say is, she's done a number of attractive characters! Kath Soucie is HOT!!!
  • You may not know here name, but odds are you know her voice.

    I'm just going to come right out and say that I love cartoons, which as many of you may know utilize voice actors. One of my favorites (actually, my favorite) is Kath Soucie. She has an amazing variety of voices but they're all undeniably her. One of my favorite roles of her's is on one of my favorite ever cartoon shows, The Rugrats. She voices Phil and Lil Deville and their mom Betty. You may also recognize her from Baby Blues, which, by the way, was better than a lot of people give it credit for being. But yeah, Kath Soucie is awesome. Nuff said.
  • she is a really good actress

    I think she is such a good actress. she is on so much. she should be given more credit then she has been given credit for. I mean I just think that she is on so much but i can't tell that well. nor can anyone else really. but again my point is that she is a good actress.
  • Kath Soucie is a superb voice actress.

    Kath Soucie's voice may sound familiar at times, but thats not what this review is for.

    You see, Kath has voiced many cartoon characters, but not as much as Grey Delisle or Tara Strong or Tom Kenny. Some of Kath's well-known roles are on Rugrats as Phil, Lil and Betty, Hey Arnold as Miriam Pataki, Dexter's Lab as Dexter's mom and Agent Honeydew. There are more but I do not wish to elaborate.

    Whenever her character talks, it has that feel of excellence and I do hope that Kah Soucie will do more voices as she is indeed a superb voice actress.
  • She's a good voice actress

    Oh she's great! I think she has good roles on most shows right now, I first knew her on As Told by Ginger as Blake Gripling and I was surprised that he was voiced by a girl so I checked for her name and she did some good characters that doesn't sound like her so I think she's pretty good, she has a good talent of voicing male characters which some VA's can't do. To tell you the truth she really doesn't sound like her other characters so she has talent IMO. So yeah I'd like to see more of her.
  • She does way too many voices on shows.

    In my opinion, Kath Soucie is an alright voice actress, who can do some good voices. However, she often overestimates her voice acting skills. I can only hear five different voices that she can do: Phil, Lil, and Betty DeVille from Rugrats and Mom and Dexter's Computer from Dexter's Laboratory. That is all she can do, but she does many background characters, many of whom I can tell that Soucie is voicing, which is pretty bad. She really needs to cut down on her characters or come up with new voices, because it gets annoying hearing the same voices over and over and over again.
  • Overused.

    Kath Soucie does hundreds of voices on many different tv shows & movies, but they all sound exactely the same. She can only do one voice, but she does it for hundreds of characters. Phil & Lil and Betty on Rugrats, Blake on As Told by Ginger, Cubert on Futurama, Maddie on Danny Phantom, Mom on Dexter's Lab, Herald & Helga's mother on Hey Arnold!, and they all sound exactely the same. The One voice she does do is an annoying one. I can always tell when it's her doing a voice, and that's a bad thing. She needs to quit doing voices or come up with some new ones.
  • Argh! her voice is so annoying!

    i reall dont know what people see in her. so what if she can do different voices: mainly only boys and girls. She has the same stupid dumb accent all the stupid dumb time! i really find it so irritating whenever a cartoon invites her to voice act. listen to Lil and then listen to that small boy form whats that show... The life and times of Juniper Lee. omg! if you cant hear the difference you better go to the doctor and say that your ears need checking. Sorry but i just cant stand her voice at all. tsk tsk