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  • I don't understand why people are giving her such low scores.

    Kath Soucie is a very talented voice actress. She is very talented andn stars in sveral shows, including: Dexter's lab, The Replacements, The Weekenders, and Danny Phantom. She plays such a wide variety of characters and they don't sound anything alike. I just don't understand why people are giving her such low scores, she is very talented and desirves to be reconized for her talent. I have read some of the people's reviews who have given her low scores and most of them say that they find her voice anoying or that she is overused. I do not find any of her voices annoying (I don't understand how someone could say that her voice is annoying because she plays so many voices) and their are several other voice actors who are used alot and are still considered to be great, like Jeff Bernett, Tara Strong, Jennifer Hale... I think that Kath is great and very talented.