Katharine McPhee

Katharine McPhee


3/25/1984, Sherman Oaks, California, USA

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  • Katharine McPhee in Smash
  • Katharine McPhee in Smash
  • Katharine McPhee and Megan Hilty in Smash
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Singing since she was just two years old, Katharine hasn't had much formal training. Some college work and help from mom have been all the training she has needed! Acting is another passion that Katharine has - if 'Idol' doesn't work out she'll go back to that -…more


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  • She SUCKS!! Worst so called American Idol EVER!!

    honestly, I do not know what people see in her! She can't sing at all, she has a strange voice, Chris Daughtry should of been up there with Taylor Hicks, because he has way more talent than Kat McPhee, McPheever is the dumbest word I have ever heard, this girl is just not good at all, seriously we have better singers than this on AI, focus more on them America!! She acts like she's Kelly Clarkson, FYI Kelly can sing chick, you CAN'T!! I don't like her, she reminds me of Vanessa Anne Hudgens, everyone thinks she is just the greatest thing ever, when really she's not, Katharine is overrated.moreless
  • I really think that Katharine McPhee is beautiful and talented. She's beautiful. She's talented. She' beautifully talented.

    mcphans please read...katharine mcphee to me is really pretty. i really like her music. she has gret albums. my favorite song, or songs by her are dangerous and love story. i really enjoy them both, but i like dangerous a little more. she totally rocked american idol. she might have not won. but, she made far. really far. far enough on american idol to get a recording contract. she has a really high voice. and really young, too. wow! wen i first saw her, which was on american idol...i actually thought she was, like, 18 or 19. but, wow was she a little older than that.moreless