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  • She SUCKS!! Worst so called American Idol EVER!!

    honestly, I do not know what people see in her! She can't sing at all, she has a strange voice, Chris Daughtry should of been up there with Taylor Hicks, because he has way more talent than Kat McPhee, McPheever is the dumbest word I have ever heard, this girl is just not good at all, seriously we have better singers than this on AI, focus more on them America!! She acts like she's Kelly Clarkson, FYI Kelly can sing chick, you CAN'T!! I don't like her, she reminds me of Vanessa Anne Hudgens, everyone thinks she is just the greatest thing ever, when really she's not, Katharine is overrated.
  • I really think that Katharine McPhee is beautiful and talented. She's beautiful. She's talented. She' beautifully talented.

    mcphans please read...katharine mcphee to me is really pretty. i really like her music. she has gret albums. my favorite song, or songs by her are dangerous and love story. i really enjoy them both, but i like dangerous a little more. she totally rocked american idol. she might have not won. but, she made far. really far. far enough on american idol to get a recording contract. she has a really high voice. and really young, too. wow! wen i first saw her, which was on american idol...i actually thought she was, like, 18 or 19. but, wow was she a little older than that.
  • This thing REALLY needs to go up to 20, Kat deserves a 20/10, FOR SURE. No person is perfect but the closet one there is to it is DEFINITLY Katharine McPhee! SHE IS MY IDOL AND ALWAYS WILL BE, SHE IS FLAWLESS!

    Katharine McPhee - There is no way to sum this wonderful, amazing, talented, raidiant beauty up in one review, just no way, but I guess I have to try. Katharine McPhee has it all, she really does. Think about it...Looks: Ok, its SO obvious that Katharine is like the most gorgeous girl on the planet, with make-up without make up, she is perfect looking always! So angelic! Talent: This girl cna sing her heart out! Im thinking the next Whitney Huston! Her album is SO amazing, orignal and totally Kat, the girl with the golded voice! Any song, she can sing, she attempts it all, she has no fear, and I believe her and her voice an acomplish anything! Personality: Anyone who thinks she is stuck up or concieted, you have NO idea how wrong you are. Katharine McPhee is probably one of the most down-to-earth celebrities EVER! Dont believe me? Go check out her myspace video blogs, she is SO silly, she does silly voices, talks to her dog, makes silly faces, she is SO fun and really enjoys life, she is a breath of fresh air in every way, she knows who she is, and she is wonderful! Katharine McPhee is strong and brave too...she has overcome so much to get where she is, and she can only continue to do even better. Katharine McPhee is My Idol and MY hero, and she always will be. Love ya Kats! =^.^=
  • She started out as the runner-up of Taylor Hicks on Season 5 of American Idol but she became more successful with her powerful voice. She recently has come out with her hit single "Over It".

    I absolutely loove this girl because she is a great singer. I like her better than Taylor Hicks any day. I would rather listen to her than listening to him. I didn't think she would have come out with the hit single "Over It". I didn't think I would get into it but I made a total 360 about my thinking of her. I sat down and really listened to it and it really sounded good to me. I would like to hear more songs from her because to me "Over It" is a great song. I hope she becomes more successful and I hope she comes out with more trend-setting songs. This girl really has a good, powerful, strong voice. Since she started singing at an early age, she really must be as good as I think.
  • Katharine McPhee was the runner up for Taylor Hicks in season 5 of American Idol.

    Katharine McPhee is an all time talented classic. There is no possible way she will not be an inspiration, and a very well-praised singer one day. She has an amazing voice, and great talent. She used to suffer from bullimia, and made it known to the media so that she could be a positive influence to girls, and make it known that we all are beautiful. She is great, and continued to amaze me with her performance on American Idol. Her CD is going to be released on November 28, 2006 to stores everywhere, so support her, and buy the cd.
  • my american idol

    katharine mcphee my destiny somewhere over the rainbow.although she lost to taylor hicks on american idol but she came in second place and i think she should of won but i didn't get what i want.although she lost and came in second place she still is a great big star.
  • Hot!

    Katherine McPhee comes from a rich family but she is no where near spoiled. She won 2nd place on the 5th season of American idol. For me Katherine is very beautiful and she has the curves to prove it. Her voice is beautiful aswell and she really is an amazing talent. I watched American Idol and loved her from the beginning but towards the end I knew who I wanted to win. Katherine is starting her solo career soon and she really deserves everything she is getting, she has worked very hard and she can even model or maybe even act.
  • Whats not to like about Katharine? She is beautiful, she can sing, and she has a great personality.

    Katharine is one of the most talented singers I have ever heard. The only reason she lost American Idol is because Taylor had a bigger fan base. I think Katharine is misunderstood. A lot of people say shes a spoiled brat but they don't know that. And shes had a hard time with the whole bulemia thing. But she was smart enough to go to a rehab before American Idol started. I really don't know why anyone would hate her or say she sucks at singing. The only thing I don't like about her was her song choices in American Idol. They weren't that good but overall she rocks at singing.
  • she is so cool and can sing

    she is the best singer on the show but it was wrong for taylor to win because i don't think he sang right. kat should have won because of her singing. my friend javier thinks she should have won because she was hot. i hope she becomes very famous so i can listen to her cds all the time and try to sing too.
  • Review of singer - BEST IDOL EVER!~

    Katharine McPhee\'s singing career has yet to even stary, but she is already a star. Making it to the top two of American Idol is something to be EXTREMELY proud of. When she sang Over The Rainbow, that sealed her fait as a star. In an interview with Clive Davis he said that Katharine will be bigger then Whitney Huston! That is saying something. She is gorgeous, talented, bubbely and just an over all American IDol. Even if she doesn\'t win (Curse you Taylor Hicks) she will make it MUCH farther then he or any other \"idol\" has ever gone! She comes from a loving family and it is a joy to see her sing every week and the look of admiration her father as for her is just heartwarming. Many \"trolls\" say she should have left the show weeks ago - well they are WRONG. Katharine deserves the crown of American Idol. This Tuesday is the BIG day! And Wednesday..Her life could go two ways. However, even if she does not win, look at Ruben, Fantasia, Carrie UnderWood..none of them have made it anywhere, but the runner ups have i.e Clay Aiken, Bo Bice, etc. Plain and simple, when you are under the AI contract you have lousy songs, but once you break away you are a star - look at Kelly Klarson. However, if Katharine were to win (which she deserves more then anyone!) she will out sing, our perform, our sell and out do any other idol - or singer in recorded history!
  • Even though Chris should have been the biggest star, I think Katherine is the best of the remaining 3 contestants.

    Katherine is the best performer, because that electric shock twitching that Taylor calls dancing, is not performing. And Elliott\'s mouth, just looks like, if you would blow in a horses mouth, they wiggle their lips to the stream of air. It looks very disturbing when he sings.
    I think Katherine should win, even though America will pick Taylor- because he is exactly the opposite of the image \"idol\", America wants something different.
  • Katharine is beautiful and glamorous, naturally talented, original, and best of all: she has an OUTSTANDING voice.

    Katharine is easily one of the best in the competition. From her very first audition, I knew she was something special. Her voice is so good that it will sent chills up your spine. Not only does she have an outstanding vocal, she is absolutely gorgeous on the stage. Her face just lights up the stage light and it is truly a sight to behold. Katharine is naturally talented and her voice is unique, which makes her even better. Her vocal is right on almost every night, although some performances have had some problems. But when Katharine brings her game, there are few other singers that can even compare to her talent.

    People complain about her personality and say she acts like she's better than everyone else; well, I don't see where you guys are coming from. I think people are just trying to find an excuse to dislike her because her voice is so good. I think she seems like a good-hearted person, but many people would like to think otherwise. There is no way to know what her personality is like. People say she acts like a snob and they dislike her because of it; what I have to say to those people is: Have you ever met her? I didn't think so. You can't pass judgement and dislike somebody you've never met or talked to in person. All you have to go by is a one hour TV show once a week. I don't think that's enough proof to show what she's really like. Everybody loved Kellie; well, Kellie was best friends with Katharine on the show. I think that might be saying something.

    Anyways, Katharine is a spectacular singer and I think she was naturally born as a star. I'm pulling for her and Chris to be the top two finalists. Even if she doesn't win, her beauty and her outstanding voice will take her far in her career.
  • KATH is sultry, very sexy, glamourous, beautiful, talented, naturally gifted, an original. I am addicted to her! I got all her songs downloaded and burnt on CD. I got the McPheever. Gosh, help me. Mix of Barbra Streisand, Patti Austin, Linda Ronstadt, Mar

    Katharine McPhee is an original. I love the tone of her voice. She is naturally gifted and comfortable with herself. She is very beautiful too. I am in love with her. With that voice, face, body and those eyes, she is a knock-out! The whole package. I have watched her sing from the beginning of the season and I had predicted she would ascend to the Top 2. She could take it all. To me, she is the american idol already, anyway. Remember, she is only 21, and that voice will mature more. Kat will sell records like no one else. Good job FOX! Thank you.
  • An amazing singer with an amazing voice. Need I say more?

    Katharine McPhee is the best remaining contestant in American Idol in my book. She gets nothing but praise from all three of the judges. Based on the people I've asked, Katharine is the favorite of many Americans. I can't wait for every show just so I can hear her sing. I think that no one deserves to win more than she does when it comes to vocals. If you watch American Idol, next time Katharine performs, really pay attention. She has an outstanding voice that overpowers all of the other contestants. I hope you come to like Katharine as much as I do, and if you do, vote for her! Every vote counts!
  • She's okay. She can sing, but she is okay.

    Throughout the years, American Idol has been based on talent. You could be overweight and still win. But, in MY opinion, I think the only reason Katharine McPhee is still in the competition is because of one thing-Eye candy. Guys today would rather have someone sexy and beautiful win, than someone with talent. Sure, she's a great singer, but she's been in the bottom 3 for a few times and still manages to make it through. But when Mandisa was in the bottom three (for the first time), she was sent home. I think if Katharine wins, it wont be because of her singing abilities, it'll be because of her looks.
  • I think I've got the McPhever...

    I have watched seasons 1, 2, and this season of American Idol. Although there are some very good singers that have come and gone on the show I think that Katharine has THE best voice out of every singer I have seen on the show. AND YES, INCLUDING KELLY CLARKSON. She has the most unique voice that I have heard in a while and her style is so soothing that you can't help not to listen. After I watch an episode of American Idol for the first time, I always have to go back multiple times to watch her again and again. And her looks don't hurt either. She has a classic beauty that you don't see all the time. She has the whole package.
  • My pick for the winner of AI 5

    I think Katharine will go all the way. First of all, I dont think they have the caliber of singers that they have had previous seasons (with the exception of Mandisa, who they voted off). Chris is my other pick, and I think he will make it to the final two.. But Katharine probably has the best vocal on the show and her sex appeal and likeability will clinch the win (in my opinion).
  • Katherine is nothing more than a number to fill a void for the show, she is not star material.

    Katherine, I think has a great voice, but no more unique than many other people throughout the world. She is attractive, but nothing more than that, and whether she dresses herself or is supplied outfits, it needs alot of work. She clearly does not have the body to wear most of these outfits, nor are they attractive.
  • Talented, bright, appealing, stage persona, all-around performer with a very bright future. She has STAR quality written all over her!

    Katherine is by far the most talented of the contestants. Her magnificent voice together with her audience appeal will take her a long way. My hope is that she takes the trophy home on this one, but if not, if America gets it wrong, Katherine PLEASE stay with your singing. You have a God-given gift and should use that gift to it\'s full potential. You\'ve got it all honey, don\'t waste it! Listen to Simon, he knows of what he speaks. You are a STAR!
  • Katharine Mcphee is a star!

    After seeing Katharine for the first time at the auditions i fell for her immediatly. Not just for the beautiful apperance but the fact that she sings deep and from the heart and similes all the time !which is beautiful. Every week even when the judges don't agree i just feel so priviliged just to be watching her and feel i should be going to see her in concert. I love all of her songs and the way she performs and the way she looks each week is just breathtaking. I truly believe that Katharine Mcphee is the next American Idol.
  • I think Katharine is a wonderful singer, however lacks personality. I see her smirks and shaking her head and the looks she gives the other performers since she started the Idol process, and it looks to be very condescending.

    Katharine has a remarkable voice but lacks stage presence drastically! She hardly ever smiles, and when she does, it comes across very fake. She looks down on those around her, and though she sings well, I do not think she is Idol material. She is pretty on the outside, but I wonder what she is really like on the inside??
  • McPhee Id Good!

    I think she will go far in Idol this season.

    What can I say?

    The girl can sing. I would have liked to have seen her in a duet with Ronnie "RJ" Norman or Jason "The Undertaker" Horn. She and those two East Texas boys could have really gotten it on pretty good in my book.

    Maybe they can all hook-up on something when the show is over.