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  • Katharyn Powers has been writing for television for over three decades, scripting episodes of the best known science fiction and action television series of all time.

    I was blessed to meet Katharyn in the mid-90s while she worked on a popular sci-fi series (running to this day) filmed at Bridge Studios, in Burnaby, British Columbia.

    I had a non-production job at the studio, which put me there at any hour of the day. At first I didn\\\'t realize that the somehow sad-looking woman I saw walking her little dog up and down the sidewalk just outside the studio gates was a writer at one of the studio\\\'s shows. Not until I saw her inside the gates and noticed how the PAs would quake with reverence as she passed did I find it odd that I saw her outside the studio as often as inside.

    So one quiet evening I said hello as she passed the main gates with her dog, and struck up a conversation. She was kind and warm, almost motherly. Quite modestly, she admitted to twenty-five years of writing credits in the television industry. An aspiring writer myself, I boldly asked to pick her brain some time. The willingness with which she accepted my invitation to coffee astounded me, and it must have been written on my face because she hastily explained that she took great pleasure in advising and mentoring young writers. Regrettably, I never followed up on the offer.

    Recently I found a list of her writing credits and saw among them episodes of most of the shows that made me who I am, in the primetime hours of my formative years. Kung Fu. Eight Is Enough. Charlie\\\'s Angels. Fantasy Island. Logan\\\'s Run. Wonder Woman. The Dukes of Hazzard. Star Trek.

    Her love and knowledge of mythology has enriched the plot of many a series, and I hope it will do so for many years to come.

    This woman is overdue for some serious recognition.