Katherine Cunningham

Katherine Cunningham


1/1/1986, Elk Grove Village, Illinois

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Katherine Cunningham


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Katherine is a graduate of Conant High School in Illinois. She got her start in acting by performing at home on home video. Eventually she participated in school dramas and musicals.

Katherine had a few small parts in such shows and films as Shameless and Two Days in February.



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    • Katherine: I am a chick who likes to sit in the corner and read her books. Madison {her character from the play Honest] likes being the center of attention.

    • Katherine: (on defeating her depression in college) I read one play after another. And then someone told me, 'Why don't you start working on monologues. That way you will find out what your support is, what sustains your life.' So I started reading more and more plays. And I realized that drama is what makes me happy.

    • Katherine: (on her love of science) I really like science. I am fascinated by the world around me. I had an astronomy teacher in high school who got me very interested in science. She used to tell us we all came from the same place. We all came from stars.

    • Katherine: (on appeal of acting) It feels so good to figure out why a person's feeling the way they're feeling. It actually makes me feel euphoric to figure out, step by step, how something works. When I figure it out, it's awesome. When I don't figure it out, it kind of destroys me a little bit until I do.

    • Katherine: (on wearing the iconic Bunny suit for The Playboy Club) Wearing the bunny suit is incredible. It's tight, makes me sit up straight, gives me a sweet strut to my walk, and sometimes makes my legs numb, but that's due to a back injury. It makes me feel absolutely stunning, and empowered.