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Katherine Fugate

Katherine Fugate


7/14/1964, USA

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Katherine Fugate


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Katherine was born on July 14th, Bastille Day, which seemed appropriate to her, being of French descent herself. She is the niece of tv star Barbara. She was born and raised in Southern California, though her father was originally from the South, so she has that culture bred…more


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    • Katherine: My goal would be to help young writers because I've been there. Perhaps this would be by answering questions, because sometimes people feel embarrassed about asking and would like to have anonymity. They might say, 'I have a question about screen adaptations,' or, 'How do you write when you're blocked?' Things like that mean a lot to me, because I had that mentoring, and that's how I got where I am today. So I hope I can do that for somebody else.

    • Katherine: (on writing "When Fates Collide") There are similar themes in everything I write which are either seize the day, or fate and destiny; things like that are very important to me. Actually, this was an idea I had to write a movie about, but I didn't know how to do it. So I took that principle and put it into my Xena episode, because it enabled me to get the two themes out that I wanted to.

    • Katherine: Carpe diem is my motto. I may falter, I may mess it up, but I try to speak my truth, believing it's all I have. So that's it- that's my theme- make a difference, blow their minds, touch some hearts, embolden some souls.

    • Katherine: I was a strange little girl who wrote her own little morality plays and put them up in her backyard, charging neighbors twenty-five cents admission, but making sure they were well fed with a handful of Hot Tamales and a Dixie cup full of pink lemonade. In my plays, Someone always died. Someone was always filled with regret. Someone was always a hero. Someone always learned their lesson too late. I was told I was strange. I'm still strange, but I've gotten used to it.

    • Katherine: (when asked her favorite question about "When Fates Collide" by fans) How did Gabrielle kmow how to get to the Temple of the Fates? (her reply) Yahoo maps?

    • Katherine: I was in law school in my own life and I quit. I quit when I understood that 95% of the time I would be defending a guilty person. I was going to be a public defender and I thought, "I can't get rapists, murderers or molesters off because I'm clever."

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