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    I really don't want Katherine to leave Grey's Anatomy! It would make me so sad
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    I don't think Katherine wants to leave the show. She may have been interested before in just focusing on her film career, but she recently said that she'd stay "if they'll have me". The way Season 5 ended, it would be very easy to bring Izzie back and keep her part of the cast. It's all going to depend on Shonda Rimes' final decision. I don't think Izzie's story is over, and I don't think anyone is really ready to see her go. Some might hate her, but she is definitely one of the more talked-about characters on the show, so whether you like her or not, killing her off would leave a big hole.

    Everything else set aside, I truly think that Katherine Heigl is a fantastic actress. Her range and emotional timing is so amazing - when she gets upset, you really feel for her. With all the recent hoop-la surrounding Katherine and her so-called "ungrateful" attitude toward the show, many people have forgotten how talented she is and how much she brings to this character. Izzie creates an emotional, more human aspect to Grey's Anatomy that the other female characters, like Meredith and Cristina, just do not have, and it helps to balance those personalities out on screen. For a while, I was thinking that killing Izzie off wouldn't be such a bad idea, but now I think I'm finding myself rooting for her to stay and fight this cancer. It would be unfortunate for the show to lose her.

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