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    The firs time i saw her in a Roswell i thought, oh what a beauty!

    Maybe its the script or the characters she gets but i dont really like Katherine Heigl that much anymore. I mean she was interesting at first she just... got boring. I think it has to do with her way of acting or assuming the character. If you see her on Roswell & Grey's Anatomy, i do see that similarity, the way she talks the type of character she becomes, the snide remarks. She's pretty but just not memorable. Everything's the same about her, there's no edginess, no mystery. She's basically just what she is on every show/movie and i assume even in real life, she's.... typical. She always has the same look, the same hair, the same manner of dressing, the same way of walking, there's no... chemical x to her.

    There was an episode of roswell where there was a bad side of her. She didnt rock it at all. She just had that usual smirk or grin on her face and kept her head bowed down, it was just the makeup that added a lil bit of change but thats it.

    Knocked Up was also so like her in tv shows. When you watch all her shows/movies, from Roswell to Grey's it's like the same Izzie just changing careers. That, for me, does not make a good actress. It's not so much the script but how you portray that character to be. How you distinguish every role, every dialogue so you dont just sound like the same person every time. Change is good.

    Sorry to all the Katherine Heigl fans but like i said, i used to like her but she just became old news. Oh and it's not just her., there are a couple of actors & actresses that carry the same personna in all their movies & shows. To name a few, JENNIFER ANISTON she's like the girl in friends who's in another in another movie but the comments, the reactions, the expressions, the laugh, the "you know sweetie.." thing, it's still the FRIEND'S character there. & Lets not forget Horatio Cane star David Caruso, if you've watched his movies Kiss of Death and Jade, you'll totally see HORATIO CANE, even on NYPD Blue. The pose, the "here's what we're gonna do, we're gonna....." lines, they're all there. It's so crazy

    So it's normal for Katherine Heigl and lucky coz what David Caruso doesnt have (that by the way left him unemployed for two years), Katherine Heigl has, the female beauty & body appeal. So good for her

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