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  • Like her personaly but...

    she is overrated as an actress. Glad she is off "Grey's"
  • I think Katherine is really talented and has a big potential.

    Everything this woman does is just amazing. Her performances on Grey's Anatomy are unbelievable, especially the season 2 finale. She brought the drama into this part of the season and toped all the others, though they were outstanding, too. She is able to play dramatically, has hilarious moments and can also be thoughtful. In my opinion the Golden Globe nomination was definitely deserved, she acts at least as good as the others. Besides Grey's Anatomy, she already showed her great ability in acting in the movie 'Side Effects' or the show 'Roswell', which are both worth watching. But Grey's Anatomy is by now for sure her best role, thanks to her great acting and the amazing crew she is working with. For the future I hope that we'll see a lot more of her and that she gives us outstanding moments at Grey's.
  • Katherine Heigl is amazing! That is all I have to say.

    I am debating whether she is going to get killed off greys anatomy or not. I really hope she doesnt. I heard she wants to get killed off because she wants to play in more movies rather than tv shows. I like to watch her movies but honestly I like Greys Anatomy so much more. I guess it would make since that she wants to get killed off because she has been acting really strange lately. Like forgetting where she put the scissors she was using and that part at the end of the episode(I wont get anymore specific so I dont give any more away.)
  • Amazing Actress

    To me, Katherine Heigl is a very talented actress. I fist saw her on "Wish Upon A Star" and fell in love with here acting.I started watching Grey's Anatomy and immediatly Izzie became my favorite character. Now they are in the 5th season and rumors of Izzie's departure have been denied by Shonda Rhimes, so that makes me happy. I like 27 dresses and knocked up both of which she starts. She is by far one of my favorites, along side Sophia Bush, Eva Longoria Parker, Danneel Harris, Beverly Mitchel, and Holly Marie Combs. So I definantly look forward to Katherine's future films and TV series.
  • She's become the only reason that I watch Grey's Anatomy anymore!

    Grey's Anatomy was very good in the beginning but it has gone down a very boring path will all the MerDer "drama"! Note to the writers, we just don't care anymore and McDreamy is getting way to smug! Last season was just terrible and KEtherine was right to take herself out of Emmy contention because the writer's needed a wake up call! The only reason I'm watching anymore is with the hope that the writer's will wake up and give Izzy better stories! She also totally has the best style of anyone on the Red Carpet at the moment- that red dress was just gorgeous!!
  • One of the prettiest and talented actresses i've ever seen.

    I first saw Katherine in Grey's Anatomy and I thought she was a gorgeous and talented actress, just by the first episode! I particularly loved the scene, in which Denny has died and she got on the bed with him. It showed me, her great emotion and passion in her acting and how she can act in literally any type of situation, and pull it off perfectly. I also saw her in Knocked Up, which I though was fantastic.
    From all of the interviews I have seen of her, she seems to have a wonderful personality.

    She has perfect acting skills and I can't wait for her to become a bigger star.
  • amazing actress.

    Katherine Heigl in my opinion is great in everything that she takes apart of. I first seen her when I started to watch Grey's Anatomy, I loved her character and thought they pick someone who did a great job in doing that. Katherine Heigl has also been on some movies that I like, such as The Ringer. In that movie she was portraying someone different from Grey's Anatomy and I thought she did a fantastic job. Also she played a funny charcter in Knocked Up. Katherine is such a great person, and I haven't heard anyone say anything bad about her. I can't wait until she puts something else out.
  • Best thing that happened to Grey's Anatomy

    Katherine Heigl must thank Grey's Anatomy for making her one of the brightest stars on the tube today. I fell in love with her and the show the first time I saw the first episode. To think that her contract was almost not renewed this season. Now, not only Katie has a TV show, she had a hit movie a few months ago, and another one in the waiting. And very recently, she "knocked up" an Emmy for her portrayal of my fave character on the show. And she's getting married to the equally adorable Josh Kelley. She must be on Cloud Nine right now...

    P.S. I highly recommend watching "Knocked Up". Just don't bring the kids...
  • Katherine Heigl makes gorgeous a word.

    I first saw Katherine Heigl in Greys Anatomy and I thought wow a great actress and shes absoloutly gorgeous her acting is great she shows her emotion well ive also seen katherine in a film called Knocked up were you can see a really funny side of her for me I feel she as all the aspects of a perfect women she as great acting skills, gorgeous, humour, Personallity. I feel personallity is an important part of a actor or actress and also I fell for this actress she will have great things in the future she will be a even bigger star.
  • Beautiful, delightful in Roswell. A frequent sight on “Most Beautiful People” lists,

    Katherine made her debut in a magazine advertisement, and soon followed this with a television appearance in a national commercial for Cheerios cereal. Following a number of modeling assignments for Sears and Lord & Taylor, Katherine made her big screen debut in "That Night" which starred Juliette Lewis and C. Thomas Howell. Katherine soon realized that acting, rather than modeling, was her passion. Katherine appeared in Steven Soderbergh's critically acclaimed depression era drama "King Of The Hill" before landing her first leading role as a rebellious teenager alongside Gerard Depardieu in "My Father The Hero". Katherine continued to attend New Canaan High School, balancing her academic studies with work on films and modeling. Acting was now becoming a greater focus for Katherine, although she still modeled extensively, appearing in magazines such as Seventeen. She has appeared in such films as "Under Siege 2" and "Bride of Chucky" before beating out hundreds of other girls for her role on "Roswell". Katherine made appearances on The Tonight Show, and Late Night with Conan O'Brien. Her next lead role was in Disney's "Wish Upon A Star" in 1996. It was during this time that Katherine's parents divorced.
  • she is so talented

    izzzy rocks i luv her character in grey's anatomy personaly i think her and gorge would make a great couple but thats me she is like super talentaed in she is really pretty..she is one of mine favorite character on grey's anaotmy, the role that she plays as izzy is like totally her she plays it so well ways i luv her acting skills, well izzy one secret of being a model in the first season was true she was a model and she play in like two disney movies, i wonder if her grey's anatomy character where like ment to be cause theyre really similar
  • awsome person

    Izzy!! That's all I can say about her, lol not really, haha. I really like her acting, and her roll on grey's anatomy, she is a very tallened actress, and a great person from what i seen of her off the set of greys. I heard she is having a movie made this summer, I'm not sure if i'll go see it, it's called 'knocked up', and it's about a pregnant lady, so it's not really my kinda movie, but i hope lots of people see it. I'm glad that she did such a good job on grey's she makes izzy seem like a real person. I hope she'll be back next season.
  • Katherine Heigl who you might recognize as Izzy Stevens from Grey;s Anatomy is n actress thats has been in more then 15 roles!!!

    i really enjoy Katherine Heigl as izzy on Grey's Anatomy. that is my favorite show and Katherine Heigl (izzy) is one of my favorite charathers! She is a great actress and shows great emotions on the show. I love that Izzy is a women that is not ashamed of who she is and fights for herself and does what ever she can to help others (Denny) along with herself.Katherine is a great actress and has been in the following roles.

    Year-movie/show-characther played
    2007 Knocked Up Allison Scott 2006 Caffeine Laura 2005 The Ringer Lynn Sheridan 2005 Zyzzyx Road Marissa 2005 Side Effects Karly Hert 2005 Romy and Michele: In the Beginning Romy White 2005 Grey's Anatomy Dr. Isobel "Izzie" Stevens 2005-present 2004 Love's Enduring Promise Marty Claridge made-for-television 2003 Love Comes Softly Marty Claridge made-for-television 2003 Wuthering Heights Isabel Linton made-for-television 2001 Valentine Shelley Fisher 2001 100 Girls Arlene 1999 Roswell Isabel Evans 1999-2002 1998 Bride of Chucky Jade 1998 Bug Buster Shannon Griffin 1997-1998 1997 Prince Valiant Princess Ilene 1996 Wish Upon a Star Alexia Wheaton made-for-television 1995 Under Siege 2: Dark Territory Sarah Ryback 1994 My Father the Hero Nicole 1992 That Night Kathryn
  • Generic acting

    As a film enthusiast. I still think Katherine Heigl needs a lot of improvement. Acting with the likes of Sandra Oh her lack of method is very obvious. She needs some more classes. I think if she has a direct scene with Sandra people will see what I'm talking about. being nominated for Golden Globe for supporting actress is a generic category. since all the cast member has been onetime won or nominated for a category in any award giving body.
  • hot!!

    in my opinion this girl is the sexiest woman in TV today.. i know she is only rated number 3 in TV guide trailing behing Evangeline Lily and Eva Longoria but for me she should definately be numbur one..

    the first time i saw Katherine in Grey's Annatomy (yes, i didn't watch her first TV show.. i don't even know what it is called) i thought she was smoking but i didn't quite knew how much i'd like her after that.. every episode of GA she just getting hotter and hotter.. she should have been the lead character at GA.. or better yet give her her own show..
  • empty

    Sorry to all of you Katherine Heigl fans out there, but I have to knock her acting skills because in everyone of her film (and television) roles, it seems as though she doesn't actually act with any emotion. And emotion is the most important part of acting. If you don't have it, you can't act.
  • She is a smart and very talented actress I am very Impressed with her!!!

    Katherine is smart, pretty, talented and the best person on the new hit show Greys Anatomy! I think she has a soft heart and just wants to help. Denny died in season 2 and she was in love with him and he died on her prom night at the hospital and she crawled in bed with him and he ended up leaving her with a million dollars in his will. I think the show has gotten better and I hope to see her maybe try to fall in love again. I hope Katherine steals the show away, I give her 2 thumbs up!!
  • one word...AMAZING!!!! kat is amazing in greys anatomy and has had actin talent since a child

    one word...AMAZING!!!!
    kat is amazing in greys anatomy and has had actin talent since she was a child on disney.
    kat has been amazing in greys especialy more than anything.
    kat will be starring in a movie soon to be released next year in the spring.
    i think kat should have her own show based on her performances from the past.
    over all and beyond all odds katherine heigl sure should go down in history for all her hard work and emotion.
    she has worked hard to get this far and i think we should all honor her for that reason and for many other reasons.

    (plus she had to deal with dennys death)
  • She is a great actress. i love everything that she does.

    She has done such a great job with her character on Grey's Anatomy. she was so great in the season finale of season 2 where she had to cry like that. She was the reason i started to watch Grey's Anatomy. Becuase i loved her in roswell and i wanted to see more of her work. She is also very pretty. she looks great in everything she wears. she looks really great in scurbs and very little make. she i a very good actress i can not wait until i can see more of her work. she always brings more than a pretty face to her work.
  • She's a talented actress.

    Katherine Heigl is currently playing Izzy, a doctor on Grey's Anatomy, but I first saw her playing... Izzy on Roswell.

    The Roswell role was interesting, because she was playing an alien and had special powers that allowed her to 'dream-walk'. She was sister to the main character and so was in many of the scenes and all of the episodes; she played the character well and was believeable as a small town high school teen.

    Now, she's playing a doctor, and once again is believeable in the role. She's funny, serious, intelligent and sexy, all in one package, in the role of Izzy. She's definitely talented!
  • Katherine Heigl is a talented person who works very hard. She is amazing on Greys Anatimy. The character is fun to watch and very relatable.

    Katherine Heigl is a talented person who works very hard. She is amazing on Greys Anatimy. The character is fun to watch and very relatable. I very much enjoy her as a person and she is very good looking. I hope that she ends up with the character of Alex. Katherine is a great person and I very much enjoy watching her every week. I cant wait for season 3 of her show. It will be fun to see if it can compeate with the other shows that are on Thursdays like CSI and the new shows. But I think that Ellen can do it.
  • Very pretty and talented!

    I have loved her since the tv show Roswell and
    Now even love her more in Grey's Anatomy as she
    Stands out as part of the ensamble cast. Not just as
    She is very pretty but also is educating the public on
    Organ donations. Not just great on the screen but off it
    As well. She has a very great future ahead of her IMO!
  • She is one of greatest female tv-show actors in this century, I first saw her in Roswell what is one of my favourite shows and been a fan since

    Katherine has been in many movies and tv-shows, two of her best shows have been Roswell(Alien) and Grey's Anatomy(doctor). In Grey's Anatomy she has really made the role on her own and her acting has improved over the years(not that it wos ever bad), she has done a lot of movie acting too that has given her little bit credit, I still hope she can have a good show on her own as lead actress beacuse she is made for showbusiness. I think she will get better roles in movies and tv-shows, beacuse she is very talented and she really should be a bigger star then she is. But in time she will rise higher. I wish her all the luck and good roles, and I will watch her in Grey's Anatomy when ever new episode comes out!
  • Katherine Heigl is one of my all time favorite actresses I have yet to see her play a role I didn't like. I loved her in Roswell and now only because of Her I am watching Grey's Anatomy (she was the only reason I gave this show a chance).

    Katherine Heigl is one of my all time favorite actresses I have yet to see her play a role I didn't like. I loved her in Roswell and now only because of Her I am watching Grey's Anatomy (she was the only reason I gave this show a chance).

    I love those big brown eyes!
    She is should be a bigger star!
  • I have seen many of the shows/movies that this talented actress has done. Wish upon a star,Love comes softly,loves enduring promise,all episodes of Roswell,and Valentine. Oh and of course Grey's Anatomy which is the first reason I gave the show a chance (

    I look foward to seeing Katherine in more shows/movies! Keep up the wonderful acting!
    I have seen many of the shows/movies that this talented actress has done. Wish upon a star,Love comes softly,loves enduring promise,all episodes of Roswell,and Valentine. Oh and of course Grey's Anatomy which is the first reason I gave the show a chance ( and ended up lovig it )
  • Ok i havent meet Katherine Heigl but i can tell you she is one great actress and she should keep doing what she is doing. She was great in my father the hero. i cant wait to see her in Grey Anatomy.

    Katherine Heigl can make anyone watch t.v. she is just one talanted person. i culd sit down and watch any of her movies over and over with out getting bored... she just lights up the night with her smile...Its a wonder Jason let her go..