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Katherine Jenkins


6/29/1980, Neath, Wales

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Katherine Jenkins


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Katherine Jenkins is possibly one of the most famous and successful classical music artists of all time.

Since first finding fame in 2003, she has sold more than 4 million albums and won numerous awards, both classical and mainstream. In additional to classical music, she has also found…more


Trivia and Quotes

  • Trivia

    • Katherine married fiance Gethin Jones in a small family ceremony in July 2011. They divorced just under a year later in April 2012, having separated in December 2011.

    • In 2010, the Welsh Sunday newspaper Wales on Sunday commissioned a portrait of Katherine made from hazelnut spread by the Welsh food artist Nathan Wyburn.

    • At the beginning of February 2011, she announced her engagement to long-term partner Gethin Jones, saying that they intended to marry as soon as possible.

    • While talking to magician and TV presenter Stephen Mulhern at a party following an awards ceremony, she happened to mention to him that one of her ambitions was to be sawed in half by a magician. This led to Mulhern inviting her onto his game show Magic Numbers, where she acted as his assistant in a new version of the sawing in half illusion called the Crystal Sawing, in which she was sawed in half inside a clear-sided box.

    • In July 2010, she purchased a house with her long-term partner, former Blue Peter presenter Gethin Jones.

    • In a November 2008 interview with the Daily Mail newspaper, Katherine admitted that, while she was a student, she'd taken illegal drugs including cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis, but had stopped taking them in 2003 after signing her recording contract.

    • During her first visit to British forces in Iraq, the helicopter she was travelling in came under fire from the ground and had to take evasive action when a surface-to-air missile was launched at it.

    • In 2005, she performed with Dame Vera Lynn at the 60th anniversary of VE Day, singing "We'll Meet Again". While chatting after the performance, Lynn suggested that Katherine should go to visit the British troops stationed abroad, as Lynn had done during the Second World War. Katherine promised her that she would, and her regular visits to British troops in Iraq led to the newspapers calling her "the new Forces' Sweetheart", in reference to Lynn's nickname during WW2.

    • She regularly appears at Welsh international Rugby Union matches to sing the Welsh national anthem, Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau, and is now the official mascot of the Welsh Rugby Union team.

    • Her third album, Rejoice, contained two songs especially written for her by Gary Barlow from Take That. It entered the UK mainstream album chart at number 3, above both the Spice Girls and Girls Aloud.

    • Mainstream album chart positions:

      Première (2004) - #31
      Second Nature (2004) - #16
      Living a Dream (2005) - #4
      Serenade (2006) - #5
      Rejoice (2007) - #3
      Sacred Arias (2008) - #5
      Believe (2009) - #6
      Sweetest Love (2011) - #199

    • She always dedicates any award she wins to her late father.

    • She was the first British classical crossover artist to have two number one albums in the same year, and the first female artist to win two consecutive Classical BRIT awards.

    • Her first album, Premiere, was released on April 5th 2004, and sold so well it made her the fastest-selling mezzo-soprano up to that time.

    • Her initial recording contract, for six albums, was reportedly the most lucrative in the history of UK classical music at a reputed £1,000,000.

    • She made her singing debut at the age of four in her school talent show.

    • While working as a model, she entered and won a competition to be the "Face of Wales 2000".

    • Following her graduation from the Royal Academy of Music, she spent some time working as a freelance singing teacher. She also worked as a guide on the London Eye.

    • While a student at the Royal Academy of Music, she was the victim of an attempted rape. Her attacker has never been caught.

    • Having won a scholarship to study at the Royal Academy of Music, she graduated with honours and a diploma that qualified her as a music teacher.

    • Twice winner of the BBC Radio 2 Welsh Choirgirl of the Year competition.

    • She appeared in school productions of both Calamity Jane and Guys and Dolls.

    • Was a member of the Royal School of Church Music Cathedral Singers, and the National Youth Choir of Wales.

    • Educated at Alderman Davis Church in Wales Primary School and Dwr-y-Felin Comprehensive School, both located in her home town of Neath.

    • She has a sister named Laura, plus half-sisters from her father's first marriage. As of 2011, she has never met her half-sisters.

    • Katherine was ranked #98 in the 100 Hottest Blondes of AIM.

    • Katherine's father Selwyn died of lung cancer when she was a teenager.

    • Katherine is a mezzo-soprano.

  • Quotes

    • Katherine: (On her experience of being sawed in half) I was quite disappointed that they didn't use a saw and instead just went straight to pushing the blades through me, because being actually sawed through was one of the things I really wanted to experience. Then again, just feeling the blades go through me was a bit scary, so its probably a good job they didn't use a saw. But it was still a fantastic experience, and I'll never forget looking over and seeing my legs there on the other side of the stage, wiggling my feet and seeing them move even though they were no longer attached to the rest of me. And I've still got no idea how they did it!

    • Katherine: (On her appearance on Magic Numbers as Stephen Mulhern's assistant) I was really surprised when Stephen phoned me up and asked me to be on the show as his assistant. He said he remembered me saying about how I'd like to have a go at being sawed in half, and was wondering if I'd be interested in helping out with a brand new version where he'd saw me in half in a glass box. I didn't even hesitate to say yes, and I'm so glad I did because it was a really amazing experience

    • Katherine: (On how her father's death helped inspire her to pursue her musical career) I definitely think that when you have a loss like that, it changes your outlook on life. Life's too short, you know? You never know what's going to happen and you have to make the most of it. My dad had always made me think that all this, my music career, could happen to me.

    • Katherine: (Talking about the incident when, as a 19-year-old student, she was attacked and nearly raped) It was just awful. I was so shaken up. It took me a long time to get over it, and my mum was devastated. I genuinely believe I was very lucky.

    • Katherine: Looking back I think, 'how did I not get bullied?' There's nothing that makes you stand out more than singing to your year in assembly on a regular basis.

    • Katherine: When you are somewhere like Los Angeles, you are on the go all the time. And when you go out to dinner, you see everyone. My sister and I went for a meal and saw Rod Stewart and Kate Hudson at tables next to us. I waved to Rod. I would have gone to say 'Hello' but he was having a family dinner and I didn't want to interrupt.

    • Katherine: I never imagined when I was a young girl listening to them on the radio that I would outsell the Spice Girls and Celine Dion. It's almost too much to take in.

    • Katherine: I've been singing since I was four years old, so I am hardly an overnight sensation!

    • Katherine: I do not understand where the idea came from that opera is only for privileged people, I am as happy singing before 70,000 people at the Millennium Stadium, as I am in front of a few hundred in a small concert hall.

  • A great singer.

    and a truely sweet woman.
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