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Katherine was born in England, but when her actress/singer mother remarried an English teacher they moved to Singapore. Katherine worked as a model in the Far East countries of Singapore, Thailand and Hong Kong, as well as acting in television commercials in Australia before going to New Zealand…more


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  • Trivia

    • Katherine was living in Australia when she visited New Zealand on a vacation. She fell in love with the country, and soon decided to move there permanently.

    • Katherine is a certified fitness trainer, and enjoys tennis, sailing, water skiing, windsurfing, yoga and meditation.

    • Katherine is a trained dancer in various styles, including ballet, Spanish, ballroom, Russian folk, and contemporary.

    • Katherine has appeared in a number of short films, including Keyhole (2006), The Donor (2005), As Dreams Are Made On (1998), and Someone Else's Cappuchino (1998).

    • Just when Katherine was about to give up on her acting career to focus on her position with the Kiwi Can Trust, Katherine was offered a major supporting role in the film Hard Drive.

    • When a romance was first scripted for Katherine's Street Legal character "Joni" with Charles Mesure's "Kees", Charles meant to play it in his usual "strong cop" way, but found that when he was actually shooting the scenes with Katherine, his character naturally became much more vulnerable because of the two actors' chemistry.

    • Katherine has made a number of commercials, including those for Nescafe and Progressive Foods.

    • In 2004, Katherine was the narrator of a non-broadcast DVD titled Galaxy Kids Maths.

    • Katherine works as a tutor for the Performing Arts School of New Zealand. She also teaches relaxation techniques to children, and is a private audition coach.

    • In spite of numerous starring roles in popular Kiwi shows, Katherine has encountered some difficulty in making a living as an actress. Aside from acting, Katherine works for the youth empowerment trust Kiwi Can in South Auckland.

    • Katherine sings and plays the guitar, as well as writes poetry.

    • Katherine is believes very strongly in self-healing, as well as maintaining her spiritual and physical fitness. In the future she'd like to have s large herb garden for creating her own herbal remedies.

    • Katherine is represented professionally by the firm Johnson & Laird Management.

    • Katherine's theatre credits include:
      (2013) August Osage County "Ivy Weston", The Court Theatre
      (2006) Peninsula "Sylvia/Ngarie", Brisbane Arts Festival, Dir. Garry Henderson
      (2005) Peninsula "Sylvia/Ngarie", Court Theatre, Christchurch, Dir. Garry Henderson
      (2004) Miss Julie "Julie", Maidment Theatre, Auckland
      (1997) Snow White & The Seven Dwarves "Wicked Queen" Tour- 7 D
      (1996) Three Sisters "Masha", Unitec School of Performing & Screen Arts Productions
      (1996) Beggars Opera Polly Peachum", Unitec School of Performing & Screen Arts Productions
      (1996) The Tempest "Ariel", Unitec School of Performing & Screen Arts Productions
      (1996) Don Quixote "The Duchess", Unitec School of Performing & Screen Arts Productions
      (1995) Lady Precious Stream "Lady Precious", Unitec School of Performing & Screen Arts Productions
      (1995) The Frogs "Euripides", Unitec School of Performing & Screen Arts Productions

    • In 2004, Katherine was named the winner of the "Critics Choice Best Actress Award" in the live theatre category for the play Miss Julie by The New Zealand Listner magazine.

    • Katherine is 5'6", with dark brown hair and eyes.

    • In 2003, Katherine was nominated for two awards for as "Best Actress" her role of Joni on Street Legal. One was the TV Guide Best on the Box People's Choice Awards, and the other was for the New Zealand Film & Television Awards. She won at the latter Awards show.

  • Quotes

    • Katherine: (on shifting her focus from acting to the Kiwi Can Trust) For many years I wouldn't commit to anything else. I stayed focused on my acting, just in case something big came up. But it's much more interesting now that I'm active and out doing something important- something which actually helps people and makes a difference.

    • Katherine: (on playing Maria on "Orange Roughies") I have played quite a few baddies and they're quite fun and easy to do. You have to order people around and stand there looking mean. It's not hard. This was a small role for me, but hopefully with an impact.

    • Katherine: (on working with at-risk children for the Kiwi Can Trust) It's great working with the children, and its way more fulfilling than just getting a role on some American TV Show.

    • Katherine: (on being an actress in the States and New Zealand) The major difference is that in the States, when you cross the line from unknown to known, then you've got it made. But here, even if you're known, it's pretty hard to get constant work. Even when you get a job on a TV show it's only for five months or so out of the year, and for the rest of the time there's nothing.

    • Katherine: (on her "Hard Out" character Astrid) Being an alien, she's the type of character where as an actress you have to be completely detached from your heart and from your soul and you've just got to think with your head all the time. She's a thinker and she doesn't care. And that's how I created her first of all- as just data, computer data, as if all she needs is a computer in her mind. But through the filming she's evolved into a character and is actually more emotional, perhaps even more out of control of her emotions than your average human.