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  • Great!

    Great actress. Underated.
  • Great show but why did CBS leave out complete mention of her FABULOUS performance as Shane on "L Word" (which i deeply miss)? She becomes the character and makes you want to watch... not to mention the backdrop is my wonderful hometown of Pittsburgh!

    I loved Katherine's performance in the premiere episode and will look forward to seeing more of her in the weeks ahead. With such a good group of actors in the show -- and being from the Pittsburgh area, where health care is on the cutting edge -- I liked the show immediately. CBS needs to give Katherine credit in her bio for her wonderful performances on "L Word" -- not mentioning it is a slap in the face of us in the lesbian and gay community. I hope the show gathers steam and finds a regular group of loayl viewers.
  • An actress who is extremely talented, a person who is noble and very generous, and a woman whose beauty makes your heart stop. This is the fabulous Kate Moennig!

    When i first saw Shane McCutcheon played by Kate Moennig, I don't know, I just felt some intense feeling. I was so overwhelmed with emotions and I was really captured by this bizarre and complex character. The role was so well played, that for a second I just forgot that this was TV and really felt a part of it. This is how all roles played by Kate make me feel. It didn't take me much time to download all her movies and it took me less time to realize that every part she plays, she does it with such an amazing energy and creativity that you just have to surrender to it. I think that she has a very unique style that gives a rare, but extremely overwhelming flavor to every movie/series she stars in and every time she performs she leaves her mark. Besides the fact that she is such a great actress, we know for fact that she is a great person in real life, a very generous one. She has been involved, for several years now, with various charity projects, especially involving the GLBT community.
    And last but not least, Kate Moennig has such a natural beauty, that makes both men and women all around the world desire her... every single inch of her.
  • Her latest show is The L Word.

    I basically knew Katherine in the L Word and i love her character (Shane McCutcheon). And from that show i see that she is a very talented lady and one with a whole lot of guts.

    Sometimes i think Katherine is much like her character on The L Word (Shane). And if she really were she'd definitely be a good friend someone who's always there for you and does not gossip about you. That's the type of friend people really want

    All in all i think she is a really great actor, very talented who shows her feelings very well when needed to. Kudos to you Katherine.
  • I Love Kate's way of getting a part of her roles!

    Kate hat a huge talent and an amazing feeling for the character she plays, not only in The L world also in Law and order!

    Shane is a realy controvers person and i think kate des a wonderful job in showing shanes inner fight with herself, her past, her furture, her feeling! One of my favourit times during watching The L world was when Carmen appeared and how shane changed espacially when Diana died and after the wedding! Kate is in my oppinion perfect in this role! And im really sorry that Ive just 8 episodes more with her character but ill keep an eye on kate and watch whatever she will do after The L world!
  • Not only she's gorgeous, but above all the has an enormous talent!

    Absolutely amazing to watch this actress working. I wish I could do my job 10% well of this :)

    This amazing.... what could I say about a role in a Lesbian TV Show.... that I would nicely go down on her ehhe yes probably! 5 Star! Amazingly underrated I guess. She could do a lot more.
  • She's so fuking great!!!

    I love her character in The L Word!!!! Shane is soooo hot!!!!! And she's an amazing actress!!!! She looks great, her voice is incredible, and she's briliant!!!! She's absufukinglutely the best!!!! Go girl!!!
    I don't know her sexual orientation, but she is very convincing on the make out and sex scenes in The L Word... and it mus be dificult to do this kind of scenes... but she does it with no problem what so erver and mekes me hot just watching it... and I'm into men!!! So, yeah, Kate, you are doing a really good job, keep up with it!!!!
  • She's a fantastic actress, a very sweet person and a totally sexy woman... Basically, she's perfect, so I guess we'll be seeing much more of her in the future (or I hope so, because she really deserves more roles to show show her abilities) Go, Kate!!! =)

    Katherine Moennig may not be a big name... YET... She is a wonderful actress, you can see she IS the character, she isn't just acting, you can feel the pain, the anger, the joy... You'll laugh with her, cry with her, because she's THAT good. People often think she's just Gwyneth Paltrow's cousin, but their styles are totally different and Katherine definitely didn't get her roles because of her cousin. Katherine has a great talent. She's also very charismatic and every two weeks she answers five questions of her fans, to thank us for our support. Kate is really sweet in interviews and seems to have a good reationship with the people who work with her. I hope she gets more roles, so we can see more of her, because it's impossible to see her and not to fall in love with her. I know I love this woman, and it all started because I couldn't stop admiring her work. Katherine Moennig, one of the best actress of our time!
  • She\\\'s the best actress that I ever seen before!!!

    She\\\'s charming,and sexy in the best way. She\\\'ll never been like the other actress, in my opinion she is a very special woman,the way she playes her is certainly unique.
    She didn\\\'t play so many roles but even for that amount is kind of impressive that none of them were just regular straight folks.
    She is so persuasive and is able to include a character changes very well. Anyway, I have to say that I just love her in every role she played.
    About the sexual orientation of KM, I\\\'m a huge supporter of her idea that the privacy is very important and she doesn\\\'t want to have media involved in her private life in that way.
    She has never answered this question directly since she claims that her privacy . Although she didn\\\'t express herself clearly so far, I think she became one of the lesbian icons of the present. And I think that peple must try to see her as a good friend,daughter, and actress!! She is amazing!!!! I love her!!!
  • She's not ordinary at all...

    She's very charming, charismatic and sexy in very specific way. She is certainly not a classical star. Every character she played so far was kind of unusual, mainly regarding character's sexuality. She didn't play so many roles but even for that amount is kind of impressive that none of them were just regular straight folks.

    She was definately awesome in Law & Order SVU where she played transsexual. But her most amazing character so far is without any doubts Shane from The L Word. I think that the way she playes her is certainly unique. She is so persuasive and is able to include a character changes very well. Anyway, I have to say that I just love her in that role.

    A lot has been said about Katherine's sexual orientation. She has never answered this question directly since she claims that her privacy is very important and she doesn't want to have media involved in her private life in that way. I'm a huge supporter of this idea. And I would say that this is quite good marketing move since if she would say that she's straight a lot of lesbian hearts will be broken. And if she's not, well, good for her. Heh. Although she didn't express herself clearly so far, I think she became one of the lesbian icons of the present.
  • She's amazing!

    Kate is one of my most favourite actress'! She's hot, talented and has appeared in some really great shows, my personal favourite (of those and what I've seen) is the l word.
    In my opinion, she has the best character and totally brings her to life!
    Kate, what more can I say then, she's simply the best (like that doesn't sound corny)
  • The story line reflect the message pretty well. Shane highlight the screen, she is just brilliant.

    I adore cats, they can distract me from just about anything and nothing can distract me from them.... and I\'m yet hooked on another Kat! Katherine play her role superbly. I guess Shane can turn almost any women gay just by observing her. Life is different viewing it at this point of view. Katherine\'s role are getting more attractive each episode and I say, she is gorgeous. I am glad to have the opportunity to watch the series in original and I wont ever want to watch it in German again! I Wish to see more of Kate, I am sure she will make a great figure in a movie. I\'m very proud of who she is.
  • Kate is, in my opinion, the most charismatic person to ever appear on TV.

    Kate is, in my opinion, the most charismatic person to ever appear on TV. As an actress, she drives anything she appears in, even when she only has a small role. She has an amazing sense of comic timing, and can usually send me into fits of laughter with just a couple of words. She’s a pleasure to watch. Apart from being a great actress, she’s a fantastic person. She’s very open-minded and does a lot of charity work – both things that are high up in my “admirable traits in people” list. I can only hope she’ll continue to grace our TV screens for a long time in the future.
  • Kate Moennig is the hottest thing on TV. We are so lucky to have her on our entertainment, and certainly changed our lives.

    Shane, the character kate is playing on The L Word saves this world I would say, at least most of ours. Kate shows out real human connection ever with a big, sincere heart.

    Love her because she looks amazing. Love her because she is so true on and off screen. Many things don\'t need to be said, but we all understand when we looking at her.

    love kate/shane with my whole spirit.

  • Incredibly amazing, androgynous, beautiful,thin, talented, funny, interesting, charismatic, sexy woman.

    I think Kate Moenning could be the absolute most amazing presence I have ever seen. I never realized how strongly I am drawn to androgynous people until I saw her for the first time. Her beauty and charisma and even her voice are unmatched! And as far as her acting talent, I think she is brilliant, and I PRAY we will see her on screen for a long time. I also love how she chooses roles, and prefers ones with risks! I would love to meet her someday, although I would probably be tongue-tied and shy because I melt when I see her on TV....let alone in person!
  • Kate is flippin funny. She may seem reserved but in reality she is pretty hilarious.

    I give Kate a 10. I guess I am biased though. For those of you wondering Kate is 5'8" not 5'6" like some have debated. Her character slouches so she appears to be shorter than she truly is. I could tell you more but I don't want to spoil the 3rd season of The L Word.
  • Just awesome!

    If The L Word get canceled, eventually, she needs to have a spinoff! Her character on the show is just perfect! She deserves everything that is good! I always liked her, and now, on The L Word, she is awesome, she's great, everything and more! Please, give her a show! :D
  • Sexy,hot,wild,amazing actress, and most of all single playing the field and loving it!!!

    How can i sum up how i feel about Katherine Moennig in 100 words or less!!! I mean come on she is the hottest thing on television. Who doesn't love Shane's personality in the L-Word and even more appealing is Katherine herself!!! Such an amazing actress and if she isn't gay then that disappoints us lesbians or atleast me anyway. She's the girl everyone wants but will more then likely never get. Shane your such a tease but I love it.
  • Kate Moennig... if she's not a lesbian, she plays a damn convincing one.

    Everyone who is unaware of this actress is missing out. She has the tendency all great stars have to outshine everyone she works with. I mean, I feel like I'm missing out because she's not on my T.V. right now. Good thing I own season one of \The L Word\ on DVD.
  • L word, Law & Order SVU, motto, style, H.O.T.T. HOT. 3rd season, complexe characters, Katherine Moennig, 2 new movies, Dead Girl's Diary. Video clip: Is anybody home?

    Katherine Moennig, damn this girl has moved my world, especially for her roll in The L word. Let\'s not forget the episode of Law & Order SVU \'Fallacy\' and of course, the video clip of Our Lady Peace 'Is anybody home' where we could all admire her beautiful face. I simply love her style, she\'s not ordinary AT ALL, she obviously likes complexe characters, in the episode of SVU she was a transsexual, in the L word, she is this tough girl, one of those people who gets their way with EVERYBODY they want, who lives by one motto: whether you\'re gay, straight or bi, just go with the flow. I admire her acting and I also love the fact that she is H.O.T.T. HOT! She is indeed my all time favorite actress and always will be. I can\'t wait for the 3rd season to start!!! And of course, for the 2 new movies in which she will be playing this year, e.g. Dead girl\'s diary.
  • i like katherin moennig and as shane on the l word she has done a super job you can fall in love with shane every episode watch l word every week

    im a straight male and i love the l word every week my best actress is katherin moening as shane i wish i could do one seen with her dont want to be payed shane is a godess.l word is a truly a eye opener of a tv series the cast is first rate so is the producing of the show
  • Katherine Moennig is definitely a Trendsetter. She was fabulous in Young Americans.

    What a brave young actress! Katherine Moennig risked her career by playing a girl who posed as a boy so as to attend a prestigious boy's summer academy. Jacqueline "Jake" Pratt was a great character who was very fun to watch. She got into lots of trouble, and almost convinced Hamilton, a guy she had a crush on, that he was gay. Very glad to see Katherine is on television again in The L Word!